Oaxaca with Joshua McFadden

Save the Date | Departing Spring 2019

Why We Love Joshua McFadden

He’s a celebrated chef, author, farmer, artisan – and something of a vegetable whisperer. Joshua’s book Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables won him the James Beard Award in 2018. He travels as a teacher and student, with a gusto for experience and fun that rubs off on everyone around him. Mexico is on his mind lately: He's opening a Mexican restaurant in the new Hoxton Hotel opening soon in Portland, to join his assembly of absolute must-eat dining experiences at Tusk and Ava Gene’s.

His love of seasons

Joshua spent two years working in Maine with close ties to local farmers. That’s led to big-time veggie love. “Seasonal eating makes so much sense to me.”

His approach

Joshua is a factory of ideas, and they serve him well. Often it leads him back to basics, back to “the food I loved when I was young”. For Mexico, that often means “tacos, tacos, tacos.” Simple and delicious.

His humor

Joshua’s explorations are serious, but never too serious. His laugh, or more like his chuckle, comes readily, deep and infectious. That means he’s a perfect travel companion.

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Oaxaca Delicacies

Food is never far in Oaxaca. And it’s deliciosa! We’ll take traditional cooking courses, eat a feast specially prepared using local ingredients by Joshua, sip artisanal spirits made by a local mescalero, and – of course – snack on delicious toasted chapulines (grasshoppers).

How We Travel Matters

Oaxaca’s connection to the land is seen everywhere, from locally sourced ingredients found in fine restaurants and street food vendors. We work with local businesses focused on sustainability and keeping money with local communities.

Art & Soul

Art is everywhere in Oaxaca and we’ll soak it up, at local artist studios and nearby villages known for their own unique artesanías (belts, ceramics, textiles... so many beautiful things). We’ll wrap our trip at a dreamy countryside hacienda where we’ll get our spirits cleansed in a traditional ceremony led by a shaman.

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