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Mexico City with Patrick Ryan

Aztec pyramids loom below you, hovering in a hot-air balloon in the skies outside the Western Hemisphere's biggest city. With chef Patrick, a lively guy who stresses community and fun, we go ringside at a wrestling match, boat down ancient canals, meet graffiti artists and dine on Patrick's feast in our penthouse suite in hip Condesa. Get ready for fun!

Oaxaca with Joshua McFadden

Joshua is all in on Oaxaca, as we'll see on this six-day exploration of the cultural and gastronomic wonder of southern Mexico. We'll take Zapotec cooking classes, wander street markets, climb pyramids and meet fourth-generation mezcal makers. Join us!

Republic of Georgia with Bonnie & Israel Morales

Seven days in the Caucasus Mountains with culinary pioneers of foods of the former Soviet Union. We'll learn to make khinkhali (dumplings), stomp grapes as part of some of the world's oldest wine traditions, hike to mountain-top churches, and master the Georgian art of toasting.