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We have the privilege of creating extraordinary travel experiences with some of the world’s most inspired - and inspiring - people. We are proud to work with tastemakers and mission-driven brands who are doing remarkable things.

Explore Upcoming Trips with our Tastemakers

True Cambodia with Deana Saukam

Deana will take us to the places that inspire her, from the crab markets of Kep to the street stalls of Phnom Penh. We’ll meet and cook with local chefs, explore the famous temples of Angkor, and track down the best cocktail bars and night markets.

Greek Islands with
Lacey Stone

Join Lacey Stone for a women-only week of island hopping in Greece. Get back in touch with your inner goddess with a focus on playful discovery, pure relaxation, beach time, exercise, and some of the best food the Mediterranean has to offer.

Italy with Chef Joshua McFadden

The vibrant neighborhoods of Rome, the farm-to-table delights of Tuscany, the art and architecture of Florence. If you call yourself a food lover, if your heart is drawn to art, passion and celebration - this is the trip for you.