Lacey Stone

Fitness Pro

Lacey Stone is not your average trainer. She’s your best friend cheering from the top of the bleachers, the Thelma to your Louise driving the getaway car, the voice in your head that whispers “keep going” when your body grows tired.

From working with companies like Nike and Fitbit to starring on E!’s Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian, Lacey’s spent her career traveling around the world to show people just how far a positive attitude and a little camaraderie can go. She’s our favorite self-love warrior, a workout goddess that lives to spread joy wherever she goes with a genuine passion.

“Surround yourself with goodness — from your food, to the people in your life, to your workouts. Everyday, focus on being the best you can be from the inside out. When you are disciplined with this, you will live in the happy.’”

We couldn’t agree more.

Why We Love Lacey Stone

Lacey’s infinite compassion and relentless optimism make her our favorite modern superhero. We’re in awe of the way she strives to transform the world each and every day by turning ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’ with a combination of heart, devotion and joyful intensity.

“There are no shortcuts to getting the life you deserve. I was an overweight kid, I’ve been divorced, I'm gay, I've gotten fired — it's been hard, and I turned it into something positive.”

Lacey’s superpower is finding fun wherever she goes, turning blase walks into sunshine-fueled excursions and simple bike rides into full-blown dance parties.

Lacey’s Travel Essentials

  1. My sleep mask. I can’t sleep without it.
  2. Elf Activewear Makeup. Stays on, even when you are sweating.
  3. Elf Activewear Sunscreen. I take sun protection seriously.
  4. Elf Active Facewipes. Makes me feel refreshed in seconds.
  5. Justin’s Almond Butter. An easy snack to grab on the go.
  6. Multicolored markers…
  7. …and multicolored oversized notecards. To write down inspirational quotes, of course.
  8. Many pairs of sunglasses. You can never have too many.

6 Questions with Lacey Stone

  1. Who’s been the biggest influence/guiding force behind what you do?

    Being an athlete has had the biggest impact on my life. To be a great athlete, you have to be mentally tough no matter what comes your way. I’ve applied the skills of a master athlete to the way I lead my life and train my clients to succeed inside and outside the gym. Michael Jordan played every single game like it was his last and that’s something I try to emulate every day.

  2. What ah-ha moment got you to where you are now?

    The realization that everything happens for a reason. The good and bad are meant to take me in the direction I’m destined for.... I think people have to believe that so they don’t lose their sparkle. The shitty things that have happened to me have given me the drive to continue building my brand and learning what the qualities of the people are I want in my life. The bad has turned me from a girl to a woman I’m proud of. It’s taught me to stand tall and live my life with courage.

  3. Describe the last time you experienced a real moment of awe and wonder?

    I was playing with my 4-year-old little girl and I saw her listening to me telling her that she can do anything she puts her mind to. I saw the look in her eyes and I could tell she was making a memory…

  4. What’s your favorite food you have to convince people to try?

    It’s not really a food, it’s a drink. I recommend my clients drink ginger lemon turmeric wellness shots because it helps fight infection and inflammation, and it's associated with detoxification. It does sort of taste disgusting but its benefits far outweigh its taste!

  5. If you could choose a BFF from any era (dead or alive!) who would it be and why?

    That’s easy—I’d choose Martin Luther King, Jr. I believe in his dream and I’m in awe of his willingness to risk his life in the name of love and equality.

  6. What inspires you to keep going when the cards are down?

    My students. I tell them that anything is possible and I teach them to never give up. We’ve made a pact, and I will never let them down.

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