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Holy Water with Enrique Sanchez

Mezcal Pick-Me-Up?

Enrique Sanchez is the living definition of the word ‘mixologist’. He can invent the perfect scratch-cocktail in seconds, or remix old classics with an original twist. Enrique arrived in the United States in his early 20s, where he transformed from an industrial mechanic to one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top bartenders. Originally from Peru, Enrique has fallen in love with Oaxaca and with mezcal. We invite you to try two of his favorite Mezcal drinks below.

Holy Water

While any top-shelf mezcal will work, try one distilled from the espadín (pictured).
Typically an espadín agave will take 5 – 8 years to reach maturity.

2 oz mezcal
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz lemon juice
.5 oz passion fruit syrup
.25 oz falernum
.25 oz green chartreuse
1 dash hoja santa (pepperleaf) powder

Shake all ingredients, serve with hoja santa dehydrated powder rim

Mexican Tea

Again, any mezcal will work. But why not try a sensational agave like arroqueño, which has a similar flavor profile as espadín with great viscosity and a long lovely finish.

2 oz mezcal
1 oz lime juice
.75 oz hibiscus syrup

Shake ingredients, serve in a tall glass over rocks and add ginger beer
garnish with lime wheel.