Jamie Malone


Jamie is a woman of contrasts, soft-spoken with a sharp wit, somebody who values the functional and the beautiful. She’s constantly learning, building, modifying, making. Her cooking career started in 2012, in her hometown of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Just one year into working at award-winning Chef Tim McKee’s Sea Change, Jamie was named 2013 Best New Chef in America by Food & Wine.

Fast forward a few years when she and her partner, Erik Anderson, took over Grand Café, one of the Twin Cities’ long-standing culinary institutions. It proved to be the right move: in 2018, the reinvented restaurant was named one of the country’s best by Food & Wine. That same issue, one of her sweet and savory dishes made the cover as Dish of the Year. Her latest venture features the same spirit of reinvention: taking over downtown Minneapolis eatery Eastside, and infusing her own brand of awesome weirdness into it.

I like to build in contradictions. Trying to contrast old and new, expected, unexpected, masculine, feminine.

It’s not about how the food tastes when you eat it, it’s about how you feel. Every experience should be emotional.