Chris McDade & Natalie Grindstaff

Chef, Sommelier

Chris McDade and Natalie Grindstaff share many things: a home, a son, and an eternal love for food and wine. Chris is the author of the cookbook, The Magic of Tinned Fish, and a passionate advocate for eating sustainable canned seafood. “It’s hard to get more convenient and sustainable than fish you can throw in your pocket and eat anytime.” He also makes plates of pasta so tasty, they earned his Brooklyn restaurant Popina a spot on Bon Appetite’s NYC 100 list.

Natalie Grindstaff can spout off the terroir of a wine after just one sip. A sommelier with a palate that rivals Dionysus, the goddess of wine herself, she’s selected wines at some of New York’s finest restaurants, including Gotham Bar & Grill and Craft.

Together, they live in Brooklyn with their young son. Whether driving upstate for some farm-fresh food or hopping on a plane, they revel in the magic of a new country, a new cuisine and a new terroir. With stomachs full and minds overflowing with inspiration, they delight in taking it back to their restaurants and customers. There’s no question, Chris and Natalie are couples goals personified.

I want to get people to understand and appreciate tinned fish, and add it to their weekly cooking.

Chris McDade

Wine is such a huge subject, endless and always growing. With wine, there is always something that you don’t know.

Natalie Grindstaff