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Field Notes: A Week in Morocco in Photos

Morocco Is Like Nowhere Else on the Planet

Eight days in Morocco felt like strolling through centuries of history. Not your typical guidebook highlights, but living, breathing moments that intoxicate the senses—winding through the souks of Fes where every stall is its own adventure, sampling Arabic, French and Arabian flavors deep in the Atlas Mountains, then learning traditional baking techniques from the women of N’Zala Bni Amir. At every stop, chef Nyesha Arrington nourished us with her take on the local cuisine, each unique dish infused with joy and curiosity. ‘Timeless’ may be a cliche, but it fits our Morocco—ancient and yet very much alive.

Beautiful lodgings, epic day excursions, great travel companions and wonderful, responsive hosts. This was my first group vacation experience, and it totally exceeded my expectations!

Michele B.

Morocco with Modern Adventure