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Field Notes: A Week in Georgia with Bonnie & Israel in Photos

Bonnie & Israel Are Simply the Best

As we look back on an amazing week in the Republic of Georgia, we can’t quite decide on just one “aha” moment. Was it meeting the local winemakers or hiking to a 14th-century monastery that seems to float above the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasuses? Or maybe it was the hands-on khachapuri bread making or the polyphonic vocal ensemble performed between courses? Of course—it was everything. And especially spending time with Kachka’s founders Bonnie and Israel Morales. We love them like family, and feel so grateful to have explored the world with them.

This is my second trip with MO/AD and certainly not my last! I love the people you attract—foodies, curious people not afraid, and not complainers! You seem to have cracked the magic formula.

Laurel S.

Georgia with Modern Adventure