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Portugal with Jamie Malone

Go deep into Portuguese culture and cuisine with chef Jamie Malone: azulejo tiles, Fado music, sparkling wines and vintage ports. Explore taverns and markets, vineyards and farms, and sail through the world’s most gorgeous wine country.

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India with Nina Compton

An epic 12-day voyage with award-winning chef Nina Compton! Meet local artists and craftspeople. Eat in humble family homes and at some India’s swankiest modern kitchens. Relax at a remote jungle camp for a true Indian safari experience. It's twelve days you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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Greek Islands with Holly Perkins

An eight-day women-only Greek adventure with fitness expert and trainer Holly Perkins. We’ll sip wine in Santorini, watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea, marvel at Oia’s pristinely white architecture and swim in vibrantly blue oceans. Most importantly, we’ll form a relationship with both the islands and ourselves. Join us!

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Oaxaca with Justin Bazdarich

July 11 - 17, 2020

Seven days in Oaxaca with award-winning chef Justin Bazdarich. We start in Oaxaca City, one of Mexico's colonial masterpieces, then head for the mountains to meet a fourth-generation mezcalero, stand atop Zapotec pyramids, dine with artists in their studios, and kick back in a 300-year-old hacienda. This is Mexico packed with more flavors than you can imagine.

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