Yucatán with Rico Torres & Diego Galicia

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3 Reasons to Travel with Rico Torres and Diego Galicia

Rico and Diego first met at a restaurant pop-up and quickly bonded over their Mexican roots. Fueled by a desire to share Mexico’s regional flavors, they opened San Antonio's Mixtli—it means “cloud” in Nahuatl—with a rotating menu that highlights each of Mexico's thirty-two states. It's a delicious adventure steeped in regional flavors and ancient techniques, always with the mission to “Rescue. Preserve. Protect. Promote.” As Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs and James Beard Award semifinalists, there's nobody we'd rather explore the Yucatán with than Diego and Rico.

Heritage & Heart

Diego and Rico are Mexican culinary scholars. Whether it's pulling from ancient pre-Columbian texts or Diego’s grandma’s hundred-year-old culinary school notebook, the duo seeks to blend the old and new in increasingly delicious ways.

Mexico Knowledge

Both chefs of Mexican descent, Rico and Diego have traveled extensively throughout Mexico learning the nuanced differences of each region. They pulled on their travels to craft the ever-rotating menu at Mixtli.

Mexico Is Passion

Diego and Rico grew up with Mexico close to their hearts. They can talk history, architecture, food or mezcal. They are eloquent artisans, striving for the perfect balance of old and true, new and innovative.

3 Reasons to Travel with
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Celebrate & Discover

Ancient Mayan ruins, pristine Caribbean and Gulf waters, colonial cities. The Yucatán offers diverse landscapes, incredible history and supreme beauty.

How We Travel Matters

Modern Adventure is a proud Certified B Corporation, and a Certified Climate Neutral business. We believe travel can be a force for good and that how we travel matters.

So Much Flavor

Yucatán has some of Mexico's most distinctive cuisines, based on Mayan traditions with hints of European and Middle Eastern flavors. Get ready to taste Mexico like you never have!

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