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Save the Date | Departing September 2020

3 Reasons to Travel with On

Born in the Swiss Alps, bred wherever your journey takes you. On is revolutionizing the sensation of running, one step at a time by delivering Olympic-quality innovation in a shoe smart enough for all-day wear. This has made us the fastest growing running brand in the world. On is the perfect travel companion for exploring local markets, touring street art, rushing through airport security, or hiking the Inca trail. See you on your next adventure.

Create Connections

Engage with On in a new way. Come together with a community that values exploration, adventure and a passion of the outdoors.

Go Further

Our trips are immersive, handcrafted experiences designed to go deeper, dive into the heart of a destination, and inspire lifelong curiosity.

Revolutionize Your Sensations

Experience new cultures, take your passions on the road, return home inspired and ready to hit the ground running.

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

Cultural Connection

The Peruvian experience is one of vibrant, resilient tradition, locally grown food and rich flavors. Even if you don’t walk away having tasted every one of the country’s nearly 3,000 species of potatoes, you’ll get your fill of cultural connection.

How We Travel Matters

Modern Adventure is a proud Certified B Corporation. The cost of your trip has a direct positive impact on the people and places we visit.

Natural Beauty

Peru has so much to admire—colorful textiles, beautiful beaches, mountain landscapes, vibrant wildlife, lush rainforests. The country is rich in beauty, and we’ll explore it all.

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