New Zealand with Bill Blosser

Save the Date | Departing January 2020

3 Reasons to Travel with Bill Blosser

It's a rare combination of passion and social justice that defines Bill Blosser, co-founder of Sokol Blosser winery and among the very first to produce Oregon's legendary Pinot noirs in the 1970s. Bill is a sustainability pioneer, and a green thumb with a heart of gold who leads by example: Sokol Blosser is certified organic, a certified B Corp, and the first U.S. winery to receive the prestigious LEED certification. Bill's passions are wine, people, and the land itself. We're honored to travel with him.

He's Passionate

When Bill first set out to preserve Oregon lands for agricultural use, he met with plenty of resistance. That didn't stop him. Over the years he's been deeply active in conservation and sustainability, ensuring Oregon wines have a positive impact on the people and lands that produce them.

He Loves Wine

You might think someone as instrumental as Bill would like to kick back for a moment and rest after so many years of hard work. Not this guy. You can still find him working the harvest today, lending a hand wherever it’s needed.

He Loves New Zealand

Bill loves New Zealand like an Oregon summer, or a fine Pinot. Bill has traveled all over New Zealand and is thrilled to share this amazing country—and its world-class wine regions—with us.

3 Reasons to Travel with
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Rich Tannins Ahead

If your heart has ever been stirred by the rich complexities to be found in a glass of wine you’ll understand what we mean when we say New Zealand is a place for wine lovers. It’s one of the newest havens for wine aficionados, a treasure trove full of cool-climate wines in just about every varietal you dare to dream of.

How We Travel Matters

Our mission is to champion travel as a force for good wherever we go. That means working with local businesses, investing in native communities and giving back to the places we visit as much as possible.

Adventure Down Under

There’s a reason why Lord of the Rings was filmed here: New Zealand is one of the most breathtaking and scenic locations on the planet. Whether you decide to unwind on the beach, marvel at the Waitomo Glowworm caves or hike through rugged mountain trails there’s no end to the natural majesty.

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