Morocco with Nyesha Arrington

Save the Date | Spring 2022

3 Reasons to Travel with Nyesha Arrington

You may have seen Chef Nyesha Arrington pop up on your TV screen. The skilled chef has competed on two seasons of Top Chef, Esquire TV’s Knife Fight and Iron Chef America. She started cooking professionally at the age of 17 and has yet to take off her apron. Nyesha's insatiable curiosity has taken her from her hometown of Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Hawaii to the Virgin Islands and Hong Kong. She’s loves to discover commonalities across cultures and can’t wait to experience Morocco through her favorite medium—food.

Hella Chill

As an Angelino born and raised, Nyesha has that calm, cool SoCal vibe. She’s authentically herself with a warmth that radiates in her smile and her cooking. After all, she wants her food to “hug you from the inside.”

A Creative Mind

Nyesha comes from a family of creatives. Her father was a musician and screenwriter, her mother a seamstress. As a child she sculpted, painted and practiced martial arts. Nyesha credits her martial arts training with teaching her the mindset and discipline to be a chef.

Open To Experiences

Growing up in a mixed Black and Korean household, Nyesha learned to eat kimchi with chopsticks from an early age. Her grandmother introduced her to cooking at four years old, and she’s been experimenting with flavors ever since.

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

Feast for the Senses

Wake to the sunrise call to prayer, smell the spices, navigate ancient souks and take in the colors and textures. Morocco is unlike anything you've experienced, a madcap adventure, a blissful escape and a wellspring of inspiration.

Force for Good

Modern Adventure is a proud Certified B Corporation, and a certified Climate Neutral Business. We believe travel can be a force for good, and that how we travel matters.

Culture & Cuisine

The souks and medieval markets of Fes, Chefchaouen's impossibly blue-washed walls, mosques and mountains, crafts and cuisine, our Morocco is an adventure designed to inspire our creativity and nurture our travel souls.

Experience Morocco

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