Melbourne & Yarra Valley with Gavin Kaysen

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3 Reasons to Travel with Gavin Kaysen

A two-time James Beard Award winner, Gavin is owner and head chef at Minneapolis' Spoon and Stable, recognized by Food & Wine as one of the '40 Most Important Restaurants in the Past 40 Years'. Gavin is a dynamic force of nature that lives to combine the elegance of French cuisine with seasonal Midwest comfort food. Gavin’s fiery spirit makes him a fierce competitor: he's appeared on 'Chopped' and 'The Next Iron Chef' and at France's prestigious Bocuse d'Or biennial world-chef championship.

He takes risks

Not many folks would leave a three-star Michelin restaurant to open their own. Gavin made the move in 2014 from NYC's acclaimed Café Boulud to Spoon and Stable. His reward? A 2018 James Beard Award for Best Chef.

He’s always looking ahead

No matter how many awards Gavin earns, he’s always looking for the next ingredient, the next food trend, the next big city. “I’m interested in what comes next? How do we stay inspired and interested and keep caring?”

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

So Much Art

Melbourne is Australia's art capital. We'll see street art on its famed alleyways, private collections of modern masterworks, and visit the pottery studio of Robert Gordon - who supplies Gavin with all of his restaurant's flatware.

How We Travel Matters

As a company with B Corps pending status, we enable travel that serves as a force for good in our lives, and in the lives of the people and places we visit.

Yarra Valley

Australia knows how to savor what it sips. We'll see why on exclusive visits and tasting of Victoria's best wineries in the world-famous Yarra Valley. Glass of Shiraz, anyone?

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