Colombia with Dandelion Chocolate & Traci Des Jardins

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Why Travel with Greg D’Alesandre & Traci Des Jardins

We don’t know anyone better to help us experience Colombia’s culture, cuisine and cacao than a chef like Traci Des Jardins and a chocolate “sourcerer” like Dandelion Chocolate's Greg D'Alesandre. Traci and Greg go together like dinner and dessert: she is San Francisco’s multi-award-winning ambassador of Latin soul food, he comes from Silicon Valley to spread chocolatey goodness like a tech-savvy Willy Wonka. These are two people who champion going to the source of ingredients and exploring a country for all it has to offer.

Greg D'Alesandre

Greg's lifelong passion for chocolate drew him to Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco. As co-owner and chocolate “sourcerer,” Greg helps to source the highest-quality cacao on earth, to craft small batches of chocolate deliciousness highlighting the individual flavors of each bean. You like chocolate? This man knows chocolate.

Traci Des Jardins

The two-time James Beard Award winning chef loves exploration almost as much as she loves food. She’s an avid philanthropist and an awesome chef whose greatest source of pride is giving back to her community.

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

Cacao Cacao Cacao

We can’t say it enough. The first Colombian chocolates were sourced up in the Sierra Nevada, and this majestic mountain range is the perfect place to gain perspective on where the best stuff in the world comes from.

How We Travel Matters

We believe in travel as a force for good wherever we go. That means working with local businesses, investing in native communities and giving back to the places we visit.

Art & Culture

Colombia is verdant and colorful, with lush landscapes and amazing culture. Colonial influences seep through its modern soul, creating an alluring mix of bustling urban scenery, untouched jungles, pristine coastlines.

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