Traditional Oaxacan cuisine: rich mole sauces, spiced chocolate, street tacos, the smokiest mezcals


The timeless color and culture of local art, meeting traditional weavers and sculptors in mountain villages


Oaxaca’s connection to tradition and the earth, evident in art, food and shaman rituals experienced first-hand

Why Oaxaca

Oaxaca is soulful and vibrant, and it packs in so much of the complex, fascinating culture of Mexico. Walk colorful markets and hike ancient Zapotec pyramids all in one day. Oaxaca's cuisine will blow your mind, the mezcal is better than anything you've ever tasted. Come for rich history, artistry, and gastronomic traditions—come to experience the heart and soul of Mexico.

Moments That Matter

We’ll be a part of it all—at artist studios, ancient ruins, local markets, street-food stands, hacienda hotels—from Oaxaca City to San Sebastián Teitipac. We tour ancient Zapotec pyramids and meet traditional weavers, go on the hero’s journey of mezcal at the agave farm of a multi-generation mezcalero, prepare a farm-to-table feast. Discover more than you thought possible in one lifetime.

Your Private Experience

Who It’s For

Our Oaxaca is for the cultural connoisseur as much as the Mexico novice. If you’re a lover of traditional art, stunning scenery and really, really good food, look no further.

When to Travel

Oaxaca is a year-round destination with weather that rarely disappoints. Experience cultural festivals like Día de Muertos in November, or opt for the warm summers and extend your trip to include a beach getaway.

Make It Yours

Want to delve deeper into ancient indigenous culture? Always dreamed of hands-on cooking the best traditional foods? A mezcal master class? Whatever your interests, we'll craft your unforgettable Oaxaca adventure.

Day by Day

Focus the trip how you want, or even extend it into the Yucatán or Mexico City for a deeper look into the country. Here’s our favorite way to explore Oaxaca:

Day 1

Get your bearings with a food-centric walk through the city’s cobblestone streets and bustling central markets, a true feast of the senses led by a local expert. In the evening, toast the start of your adventure with local mezcal—of course—then have terrace seats overlooking Oaxaca’s flood-lit cathedral domes for an open-air dinner.

  • Private street-food tour
  • Hands-on mezcal tasting
  • Dinner at one Oaxaca's top kitchens

Day 2

Oaxaca’s sense of art is vibrant, ageless—and everywhere. Journey to its source in the Mixtec Mountains and meet nationally renowned ceramicists Manuel Reyes and Marisela Gómez. They’ll invite you into their home studio, sharing their art and stories, then treat you to a home-cooked meal. In the afternoon visit the Casa de Artes San Agustin gallery, then explore Oaxaca City into the evening to catch its irresistible nightlife along the lit-up zocalo.

  • Ceramics studio visit and home-cooked meal
  • Visit Casa de Artes San Agustin

Day 3

Get the true Oaxacan farm-to-table experience at Rancho 314, an urban farm on the edge of the city that supplies top local restaurants. Learn the art of making mole, tamales, and get a hands-on look into the local flavor profiles. Then, feast and enjoy all the local delicacies you had a hand in preparing. Freshen up back at the hotel, then head out on a private, guided street-food dinner, savoring the unforgettable flavors of Oaxaca.

  • Rancho 314 farm experience and lunch
  • Street-food walking tour and dinner

Day 4

Start at the hilltop ruin of Monte Albán, easily one of Mesoamerica’s grandest architectural sites. Work up your appetites for lunch in San Martin, a feast of succulent barbecued meat cooked the traditional way. Then, take a quick drive to meet up with a fourth-generation mezcalero in Santa Catarina Minas. Learn how these passed-down, timeless techniques turn agave hearts into one of Oaxaca’s famed exports. If you’re seriously into mezcal, ask us how to dive even deeper on your trip and take full advantage of this smoky spirit.

  • Private tour of Monte Albán
  • Traditional lunch in San Martin
  • Mezcal farm tour and tasting at Santa Catarina Minas

Days 5 - 6

Our Oaxaca isn’t all about the city. Pack up and head out to a 300-year-old hacienda retreat in the mountains. On the way, you can stop at Teotitlan del Valle, a Zapotec weaving village. See demonstrations by artists and learn to make generations-old recipes with a local family. It’s the perfect stop-over before kicking back by poolside to enjoy the sunset from your private corner of Mexico. The hacienda can arrange hiking, bike riding or horseback riding, book a message or take part in a guided sweat-lodge experience. For the spiritually minded, partake in cleansing ritual with a local shaman.

  • Private transfer to hacienda
  • Visiting Zapotec weaving village
  • Home-cooked meal with Zapotec family
  • Meet local shaman

Where We Sleep

A peaceful oasis in Oaxaca City, a historic hacienda gone chic in a private valley of mountains—our accommodations are small-scale and boutique, the ideal ways to get acquainted with Oaxaca life.

Oaxaca City

Off a central side street, a few blocks from the zocalo and central shops, a street gate opens into a breathtaking oasis that’s our Oaxaca City home. Serenity reigns in thoughtful garden spaces with palm trees, covered walkways and an outdoor patio bar.

San Sebastián Teitipac

A 300-year-old hacienda tucked away in the mountains, each room features a mix of traditional and contemporary designs. Enjoy spa treatment and comfortable lounging, plus hiking, horseback riding and biking. It’s relaxing, private and the ideal place to soak in the golden sunset with a cocktail in hand.

People Love MO/AD’s Oaxaca

I loved eating goat just after it was lifted from the pit, sipping on a mezcal.
Diana C.
This is more than just a trip. It’s authentic and joyful, and a powerful reminder of why we travel.
Scott M.
The meals made for us in local homes were just heavenly.
Andrew B.


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    Yes, we can craft an unforgettable milestone celebration or company retreat for groups as large as 40 or more.

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    Our level of curation, care, and in-country connections. We handle everything, overseeing your experience from beginning to end with the highest levels of ownership and responsibility. We support you every step of the way with comprehensive itineraries, detailed day-by-day descriptions, insider destination info, and 24/7 dedicated support.

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  9. What travel documents are needed?

    US citizens are not required to have a visa for tourist visits to Mexico, but are required to show a valid US passport. It is recommended that your passport is valid for six months after your travels are over. On arrival in the airport, you will be issued a visitor’s permit, known as a FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple). For citizens of other countries, please check with the Mexico Embassy or Consulate for information and requirements.

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    See our Terms & Conditions for complete details about our policies regarding your MO/AD Private Departure booking.