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Glacier Bay & Juneau


The wonders of southeast Alaska and Glacier Bay National Park, a pantheon of wildlife, scenery and serenity unto itself


The adventurer in yourself: camp, kayak, hike and fly across America’s wild backyard wonderland


Sleep in stylish wilderness lodges and camp fully supported with most gear provided, led by experienced guides and a camp cook

Why Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay and the Icy Straits are worlds unto themselves, ready to be explored by kayak, helicopter and foot. It’s also a hub of indigenous cultures and the freshest seafood. Southeast Alaska is a microcosm of rugged adventure, boundless glacial landscapes and endless fun unto itself.

Moments That Matter

From island camping to coastal kayaking, past jagged mountains and icy fjords, you'll experience Glacier Bay National Park's vast expanse of wilderness, wildlife and unstoppable adventure. Get away from it all, paddling among the coastal expanse of islands hemming Southeast Alaska, spotting humpback whales and sea otters, minks and martens—and maybe wave to a grizzly bear at the water's edge.

Your Private Experience

Who It’s For

Our itinerary is built for those who seek the thrill of glacial hikes and paddling in the wild, in between exploring quaint remote towns and camping in comfort under the stars.

When to Travel

Peak season is mid-May to early September. The best times to view humpback whales is May thru August. As fall rolls around in mid-September, expect more rain and cooler temperatures.

Make It Yours

More kayaking? More or less camping? Fishing on rivers running rife with trout and salmon? Wildlife viewing or climbing, or a healthy mix of everything? We’ll adjust our Alaska itinerary to suit.

Day by Day

Fully-supported camping and kayaking in Glacier Bay and the Icy Strait, meet-ups with indigenous communities and time to explore the glaciers surrounding Juneau.

Day 1

Tucked past hundreds of miles of jagged mountains and icy fjords and disconnected from any roads is the small town of Gustavus (population 429). It’s the gateway to Glacier Bay National Park and 520,000 acres of glaciers, wilderness and wildlife. Arrive and get settled in at the lodge, then sit down to a welcome dinner and cheers to the days ahead.

  • Flight from Juneau to Gustavus
  • Private airport transfer
  • Welcome dinner at lodge

Day 2

Head straight for the kayaks, or spend a day exploring the coastline of tidewater glaciers en route to Glacier Bay National Park. Only two ships are allowed in per day to preserve the park’s natural beauty. You’re bound to see eagles soaring, humpback whales breaching and fjords of glacial flow tumbling into the sea. Then step off ship to the home of the indigenous Huna Tlingit clan, and meet with a clan elder to learn more about the clan’s customs and history.

  • Explore Glacier Bay National Park by boat
  • Meet-up with Huna Tlingit Clan community

Day 3

Get on the water to cross the Icy Strait to Chichagof Island and land at Point Adolphus. As your guide sets up camp, set off to kayak the coastline, taking in the sights and getting even closer views at the amazing wildlife right at your fingertips. Dinner tonight is a camp-style treat under the stars!

  • Private boat to Point Adolphus
  • Chichagof Island by kayak
  • Camp-style dinner

Days 4 - 5

Gear up for a full day (or two days) of kayaking, going deeper into the coastal expanse of islands hemming in Glacier Bay National Park. Paddle along spotting humpback whales, sea otters and river otters. When you return to camp each night at Point Adolphus, you’ll have camp meals waiting for you, cooked to perfection.

  • Full-day kayaking tours
  • Camp-style dinners

Days 6 - 7

Head back to Gustavus for a quick 30-minute private flight to Juneau. After settling in, take the Mount Roberts Tramway over the city for a hike up Gastineau Peak. The views are phenomenal. Descend back to town to explore Juneau’s saloons, restaurants and shops. Then next morning, board a helicopter to see what looms above Alaska’s capital city. Gear up, crampons and all, and go on a glacier hike. Back in civilization, cap off your Alaska adventure right on the beach, with a fresh seafood cookout paired with the finest local brews.

  • Private flight to Juneau
  • Ride Mount Roberts Tramway
  • Hike up Gastineau Peak
  • Helicopter flight to glacial hike
  • Beachside seafood cookout

Where We Sleep

Our Alaska is the perfect mix of modern comforts and sleeping under the stars, from Glacier Bay lodges to wilderness campsites on Chichagof Island.


Set in a field of wildflowers on a river at the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park, our lodge features down-home comfort and hospitality, cozy country-style lodging and home-cooked meals. Wake up to the smell of country breakfast and sleep in the serene silence of the Alaskan wilderness.

Point Adolphus Camping

Get in touch with the Alaskan wilderness over a two- or three-night camping adventure in between your lodge stays. From your remote yet well-appointed campsites at Point Adolphus on vast Chichagof Island, you’ll hike, boat and kayak to explore the surrounding area. Most gear is covered (expedition-quality tents, trekking poles, and cooking equipment), along with a camp guide and cook.


You'll stay in Juneau’s first and only boutique hotel, a spectacularly renovated historic building with contemporary rooms and every modern convenience an Alaskan adventurer could hope for. Steps away is the beautiful waterfront and its saloons, shops and restaurants, in a town tucked below a towering ice field.

People Love MO/AD's Alaska

I am truly a tough critic but you planned an exceptionally fun adventure—no constructive criticism necessary.
Avis C.
The pace was perfect, the kayaking amazing, and the wildlife, wow! This is an incredible adventure our family is still talking about.
Katrina B.
Every person involved with leading and guiding was top notch—friendly, knowledgeable, fun, kind—it doesn’t get better.
Elizabeth Z.


  1. How many people is this itinerary suitable for?

    Our private itineraries are ideal for groups as small as six, or as large as you desire—you and friends, families and multi-generational groups.

  2. What makes a MO/AD experience different?

    Our level of curation and care. We handle everything, overseeing your experience from beginning to end, with the highest levels of ownership and responsibility. We also support you each step of the way, with comprehensive trip materials and itineraries, detailed day-by-day options, insider destination info, gear recommendations, and 24/7 dedicated support.

  3. How far in advance should I plan my trip?

    Preferably three to six months in advance. Alaska’s summer season is short, and demand for permits and float planes and accommodations are high. Advance reservations are important to secure the best locations and accommodations possible.

  4. What is typically included?

    We curate your Modern Adventure to ensure the experiences are authentic and immersive, and included in your trip price. This includes all accommodations, most gear (expedition-quality tents, all cooking gear),  local transport and internal flights, airport transfers, local guides and cultural experts, and all meals.

  5. How much will it cost?

    Private Modern Adventures typically cost $750 to $1,500 per person, per day, and vary by time of year, the number of people in your group, and types of activities (private local guides, private transfers) you prefer. 

  6. What's not included?

    MO/AD Private Departures do not include roundtrip airfare to/from your destination, travel insurance, transportation to your trip’s starting point, lodge incidentals (including room service, laundry service and hotel bar tabs), and any activities or meals not included in your confirmed MO/AD itinerary.

  7. What deposits are required?

    After learning more about you, your interests and preferred style of travel, as well as your preferred travel dates, we will present you with a detailed itinerary including activities, internal flights, transport and accommodations. In order to check and confirm availability for your group, there is a $750 non-refundable deposit due. This will be applied to your final trip cost. 

    Your trip is guaranteed—and your dates secured—with a 25% non-refundable deposit. Many of our local partners, including our hotel and resort partners, require advance deposits to secure the best accommodations. The balance of your trip is due 30 days prior to travel.