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Hawaii Big Island


The Big Island's diverse landscapes—lush mountain forests and brilliant ocean reefs


Hike, snorkel, helicopter over volcanoes, star gaze from the top of the world


Yourself in island tradition and culture, with VIP access to parts of the island not open to the public

Why Hawaii's Big Island

The Big Island is pure adventure. Fly helicopters over steaming volcanoes, go snorkeling and diving along some of the world's most productive reefs, hike in private reserves, explore cavernous lava tubes, and star gaze from the peak of Mauna Kea. Get connected with local sustainability efforts on a joyful celebration of Hawaii’s culture, landscape and generous spirit.

Moments That Matter

Atop mighty Mauna Kea, on a private VIP visit to its world-famous observatory, you’ll see more stars than you ever thought possible. Flying low on a private helicopter ride over the dramatic, molten landscape of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you feel a connection to this magical place, grateful for all the Island of Hawaii has to offer.

Your Private Experience

Who It’s For

Our Hawaii is for anybody who loves culture, and plenty of island adventure. Spice up a beach vacation with VIP access to parts of the island not open to the public.

When to Travel

The Big Island is a year-round destination, with consistent temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. Our favorite times of year to visit are April thru May and August thru October.

Make It Yours

More snorkeling and diving, surf lessons, a day of deep-sea fishing, golfing or mountain biking—or slow down at an oceanside spa. We can curate a Big Island experience to to suit your interests.

Day by Day

Experience the Big Island’s best, with ease. We’ll cover all accommodations and reservations, and curate each day to help go deeper into culture, cuisine, or the outdoors. Here are our recommendations:

Day 1

Welcome to the Big Island–6,500 square miles of cloud-decked mountains, hardened lava fields, pristine rainforest and towering waterfalls, plus an ocean full of creatures and corals. After settling in, enjoy a private dinner al fresco with tropical cocktails in hand, and a ceremonial welcome and blessing for your Big Island adventures to come.

  • Private airport transfer to hotel
  • Private dinner
  • Ceremonial welcome and blessing

Day 2

Today, you’re granted VIP access to the royal fisheries of Kiholo Bay. This highly refined aquacultural system – built in 1820 by King Kamehameha I – is home to a thriving marine habitat with dozens of native fish species and green sea turtles. Experience the underwater ecology firsthand, snorkeling in the bay, usually off-limits to the public. Sunset means means climbing high for a sky-like vantage point on a private visit to the summit of Mauna Kea and its world-famous observatory. See the island’s rich landscape hued by a purpling sunset and then a full sky of stars twinkling. This is a rare, truly unique experience – you’ll see more stars than you ever thought possible.

  • Private visit to royal fisheries
  • Kiholo Bay snorkeling
  • Sunset VIP visit to Mauna Kea & Observatory

Day 3

Get ready for a culinary and agricultural exploration of the island. Starting with coffee, on a scenic ride through winding country roads and lush greenery of the windward Hamakua Coast. The tastings continue at Kaunamanu Farm, learning how the award-winning farm has created a fully sustainable ecosystem for the livestock, and being honored guests of the farmer’s family at a delectable farm-to-table feast. The main course? One of their own Berkshire pigs roasted Kalua-style in an imu oven, the traditional Hawaiian way.

  • Organic coffee plantation tour
  • Private Kaunamanu Farm visit
  • Farm-to-table traditional lunch

Day 4

Deep dive, quite literally, into one of the most cutting-edge, ecologically minded suppliers of seafood at Blue Ocean Mariculture. It’s the only open-ocean fishery in the United States, operating in the deep waters off the Kona coast. Get a behind-the-scenes tour, then head out sailing on the ocean to snorkel or scuba dive (if you’re certified) amongst deep-water pens housing Hawaiian Kampachi, prized by top chefs everywhere. Back on board, break for a sashimi lunch sourced from these same waters as you cruise the stunning Kona coastline, flying fish dancing in your wake.

  • Blue Ocean Mariculture VIP tour
  • Sailing along Kona Coast
  • Snorkel or diving

Day 5

Things get epic today on a private helicopter ride touring the dramatic, molten landscape. Fly low over the ever-changing geology of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It’s quiet now, but spent most of 2018 spewing lava and altering the island’s landscape as it has done for millennia. Back on the ground, enter private land to investigate Kauhi Cavern—an enormous lava tube with a hanging garden of roots overhead and walls covered in the golden growth of microscopic plants. Then reconvene for a chef’s table dinner overlooking the glorious landscape and Aloha spirit.

  • Private volcano helicopter flight
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park exploration
  • Private hike through Kauhi Cavern
  • Chef's table dinner

Where We Sleep

White-sand beaches and black-lava landscapes, an idyllic retreat and perfectly situated for our Big Island adventures.

North Kona

A microcosm of Hawaiian landscape and spirit, our hotel resort gets its name from a Hawaiian Queen—and makes you feel like royalty. Lava fields spill into lush tropical grounds that lead to an immaculate white sand beach shared by Hawaiian green turtles. Fresh, locally sourced food, music that speaks to your heart and hospitality that nurtures your soul, the spirit of Hawaii from its long-held traditions to its inspired art informs every detail of our idyllic retreat.

People Love MO/AD Private Departures

I am truly a tough critic but you planned an exceptionally fun adventure—no constructive criticism necessary.
Avis C.
I look forward to another trip with MO/AD. You make everything more elevated, and interesting.
Patricia H.
Every person involved with leading and guiding was top notch—friendly, knowledgeable, fun, kind—it doesn’t get better.
Elizabeth Z.


  1. How many people is this itinerary suitable for?

    Our private itineraries are ideal for groups as small as six, or as large as you desire—you and friends, families and multi-generational groups.

  2. Can you curate an itinerary for a larger group?

    Yes, we can help you craft an unforgettable milestone celebration, for groups as large as 40 or more.

  3. What makes a MO/AD experience different?

    Our level of curation and care. We handle everything, overseeing your experience from beginning to end, with the highest levels of ownership and responsibility. We also support you each step of the way, with comprehensive trip materials and itineraries, detailed day-by-day options, insider destination info, gear recommendations, and 24/7 dedicated support.

  4. How far in advance should I plan my trip?

    Preferably three to six months in advance. We stay in unique, in-demand boutique and luxury hotels where advance reservations are important to secure the best accommodations possible.

  5. What is typically included?

    We curate your Modern Adventure to ensure the experiences are authentic and immersive, and included in your trip price. This includes all accommodations, local transport and airport transfers, private travel for all day trips and excursions, private tours with local guides and cultural experts, exclusive VIP access and activities, all breakfasts and some lunches and dinners.

  6. How much will it cost?

    Private Modern Adventures typically cost $750 to $1,500 per person, per day, and vary by time of year, number of people in your group, types of activities you prefer including private local guides and private transfers.

  7. What's not included?

    MO/AD Private Departures do not include roundtrip airfare to/from your destination, travel insurance, transportation to your trip’s starting point, hotel incidentals (including room service, laundry service and hotel bar tabs), and any activities or meals not included in your confirmed MO/AD itinerary.

  8. What deposits are required?

    After learning more about you, your interests and preferred style of travel, as well as your preferred travel dates, we will present you with a detailed itinerary including activities, internal flights, transport and accommodations. In order to check and confirm availability for your group, there is a $750 non-refundable deposit due. This will be applied to your final trip cost.

    Your trip is guaranteed—and your dates secured—with a 25% non-refundable deposit. Many of our local partners, including our hotel and resort partners, require advance deposits to secure the best accommodations. The balance of your trip is due 30 days prior to travel.