Piedmont with Jeff Porter

One Exclusive Departure | November 13 - 19, 2024

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Heritage & Connection

Dive deep into the culture, cuisine and craft of Italy with Jeff Porter

November 13 - 19, 2024

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7 Days, 6 Nights

Best of Piedmont from Bra and Pollenzo and Torino

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Savor this moment. You step onto a terrace and look out at the expanse of vineyards, noting the shades of green that paint the hillsides and Alps in the distance. Flavors linger in your mouth, from sparkling wine harvested from the nearby vineyards, rich chocolate made locally, truffles sniffed out by dogs as you cheered them on, fresh herbs and artisan coffee. Despite the endless array of food, immersive experiences and incredible company, this trip has been a lesson in slowing down. For as much as the Piedmont way is to preserve the local ecosystem, flavor and tradition, it also keeps the memories alive.

Joining us is the incredibly talented wine and Italy expert, Jeff Porter. He’s both a renowned sommelier — with accolades including a coveted spot on Wine Enthusiast’s 40 Under 40 Tastemakers — and a storyteller who crafted the web series, Sip Trip, to take us into the world of wine across Italy in snappy digital shorts. Piedmont is a nostalgic place for Jeff. It served as his gateway into a decades-long love affair with Italian wine and culture, and is source of inspiration that he cannot wait to share with you. It’s going to be a feast of the senses, with Jeff as our trusted merrymaker leading us to life-altering espresso, his favorite Piedmont wine bar, and so much more.

If your idea of the perfect adventure is tinged with local wines, ancient history, and plenty of truffles, then this is the trip for you. Join us as we celebrate the artisans, chefs, and visionaries of Italy’s cuisine culture.

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The best of Italy's culture and cuisine, and connect with curious and passionate travelers like you

3 Reasons to Travel with Jeff Porter

Jeff is a seasoned sommelier who brings levity, friendliness, and sophistication to his wine recommendations. Whether he’s recounting his time working alongside award–winning chef Nancy Silverton in Los Angeles, or describing the notes of a particular wine as a writer on the pages of Wine Enthusiast, he takes the intimidation out of wine tasting.

Humble Beginnings

At 18, Jeff took a dishwashing job to pay his medical school bills. After the restaurant closed for the night, Jeff would sit down with the owner for a meal and glass of wine. Here, he realized that in this humble “fermented grape juice,” you experience the story of human life: craft, culture, nature. He called his parents soon after to let them know med school was out.

Igniting the Senses

Jeff paints scenes overflowing with sights, sounds, and tastes when he talks about this upcoming Piedmont trip. Church bells chime in the village of Torino as you drift further into the imagination to find clouds of farina, or flour, settling on hand cut, tyre-shaped pasta.

That One Wine

Jeff cannot wait to share one particular wine on this trip: “The beauty of Nebbiolo is there's a nervousness to it. There's a jittery quality that is electric. It's not an easy wine, but it's a wine that when you get to know it and you answer its questions, it gives you everything back.”

Your Experience

“In Torino there's always some sort of music, be it church bells or an outdoor concert. It's a beautiful thing. It’s Italy.”
Jeff Porter

Tuscany, Piedmont, Emilia-Romana

“Piedmont is where I immediately felt a connection. It has an energy that is so special to me.”
Jeff Porter

Day by Day

Day 1: Torino

Welcome to Torino! We begin the only way we know how—immersing ourselves into the electric buzz of this lively and ancient city. With Jeff leading the way, we’ll traverse spacious boulevards and cobblestone alleys into the beating heart of Torino, where the architecture alone contains 2,000 years of history. As a local expert points out the myriad cultures who have left their mark on the city, we’ll visit the Royal Palace, the Church of San Lorenzo, and finally, a haven for traveling writers and dreamers, the Palazzo Carignano.

As dusk ignites the city and the clatter of small plates echo off the squares, we turn our attention to vermouth. Far from a simple ingredient in a Negroni or Manhattan, vermouth is a revelation here in its birthplace. This evening we sample several distinct recipes while learning how the drink itself has shaped city life since the first vermouth bar opened in 1786.

Alas, the vermouth is but an appetizer to our elegant welcome dinner. In quintessential Torino fashion, we’ll wander into one of the city’s most iconic kitchens, and thanks to Jeff’s deft wine pairings, we’ll savor their hyperlocal specialties and toast the beautiful road ahead.

Day 1: Torino Highlights

  • Torino walking tour
  • Vermouth tasting
  • Welcome dinner
  • Stay at GH Hotel Sitea Torino

Day 2: Torino & Around

Our first taste of the city this morning is a literal one: a behind-the-scenes food tour of Torino’s fabled coffeehouses. We’ll sample exquisite pastries, snack on seasonal delicacies, and last — but not least — we’ll dive into the beautifully complex world of Italian chocolate and one of the city’s proudest inventions: a steaming Bicerin made of espresso and drinking chocolate.

After lunch on our own, we make our pilgrimage to the countryside where our Piedmont wine education begins. Here, within one of Italy’s most heralded appellations, we’ll sample Jeffrey’s favorite varietal—the eclectic and volatile Nebbiolo grape, originally planted by the Romans.

After reconciling the subtly of these stunning vintages, we’ll move onto one of the most unique places in all of Piedmont. It’s not a stunning vineyard or ancient amphitheater. It’s Ivrea, a mid-century planned industrial utopia—a shining example of the ideals of the Movimento Comunità that pervaded Piedmont in the 1950s and ’60s. We’ll pass by the headquarters of Olivetti, the makers of coveted typewriters, and marvel at the blueprints of this ambitious social experiment.

Dinner tonight is simple and magical; we’ll belly up to a traditional trattoria and savor the more casual side of authentic Italian food.

Day 2: Torino & Around Highlights

  • Torino coffee experience
  • Visit to Ivrea
  • Trattoria dinner
  • Stay at GH Hotel Sitea Torino

Day 3: Costigliole d’Asti & Langhe

Today, we venture to the outskirts only to find ourselves apron-clad, sleeves rolled and learning the art of soft cheese with a master cheesemaker. In the villa of Costigliole d’Asti, we’ll work our ways through mozzarella and burrata, tasting as we go, of course.

Soon we’ll turn to Jeff as brilliant cheese requires brilliant wine. On a family estate, just down the road, we’ll visit Cascina Roera for an immersive visit of the vineyard, including a flight of rare vintages paired with a catered meal from a local trattoria.

This isn’t just any winery. This is a small-batch operation that preaches minimal interference in the vineyards. We’ll witness this philosophy as we tour the estate and with the help of Jeff’s sixth sense for Nebbiolo, tease out the nuances of these particular vintages. As the late light of the November afternoon slips into the valley, we’ll make our way to Langhe and check into our picturesque hotel.

Get settled. Shut your eyes. Walk the dazzling estate. In the evening, we’ll reconvene for a lively and intimate dinner in the garden at our hotel.

Day 3: Costigliole d’Asti & Langhe Highlights

  • Cheesemaking class
  • Winery visit
  • Dinner at hotel
  • Stay at Albergo dell’Agenzia

Day 4: Pollenzo & Alba

This morning, we’ll step outside our hotel to explore the Roman amphitheaters and temples next door and learn about the rich history of Barolo and how this small, beautiful region became the epicenter of Piedmont’s food and wine culture. We’ll then move on to the University of Pollenzo for a tour of its historic campus before descending into their coveted Wine bank, which features more than 100,000 bottles of Italy’s rarest and most celebrated wines.

We’ll leave the bottles uncorked for now, for the medieval hamlet of Alba awaits us. Alba is the undisputed capital of truffles and hazelnuts—in fact Ferrero has its headquarters in the heart of downtown. Before settling in for lunch, we’ll stroll the pedestrian zone and take in the rich splendor of the architecture, not to mention the thriving art scene.

After a stunning lunch, we’ll make our way to a small winery in the village of Neive. Jeffrey and the resident winemakers will lead us through a tasting, and thanks to the smoky varietals of the Barbaresco appellation, we’ll practically float back to the hotel. The late afternoon is yours to embellish. You can find us at the local trattoria nursing an Aperol spritz and reflecting on the amazing journey so far.

We’ll see you at dinnertime for a masterclass in slow food at Guido Fontanafredda.

Day 4: Pollenzo & Alba Highlights

  • Pollenzo & Wine Bank visit
  • Lunch in Alba
  • Neive winery tour & tasting
  • Stay at Albergo dell’Agenzia

Day 5: Langhe & Around

The hunt is on for truffles! Led by an expert trifolau, we’ll retreat to the forest with specially trained dogs for a guided experience on locating, identifying and cooking up these flavorful fungi. Walking the forests of Langhe is pure magic—as we tramp through brushstrokes of fallen leaves, we’ll listen for a few secrets and tricks of this ancient tradition.

Hunting for truffles is hard work, but don’t worry a sumptuous award is in store. We’ll meander down the road to one of the most revered kitchens in all of Piedmont, Chef Marco Battaglino’s Osteria Battaglino. We’ll treat ourselves to a mid-day vermouth, and a few courses of pasta-heavy specialties.

What’s next? One of the region’s most picturesque and biodynamic wineries, San Fereolo. After a private tasting of their award-winning vintages—widely considered the best representatives of Dogliani terroir—we’ll make our way back to the hotel just in time for sunset. The evening is yours to enjoy. See you bright and early tomorrow.

Day 5: Langhe & Around Highlights

  • Truffle hunt
  • Lunch at Osteria Battaglino
  • San Fereolo wine experience
  • Stay at Albergo dell’Agenzia

Day 6: La Morra & Around

We wouldn’t dream of going to Piedmont without coming home with hazelnuts. Today, we find ourselves wandering the rows of a majestic, organic hazelnut grove. Here, we’ll sample all kinds of local favorites, witness their handed-down harvest techniques and learn how to elevate these nuts with just the right type of chocolate.

This is all but a delicious appetizer; for lunch, we go off the beaten path to Reppublica di Perno. A Michelin-starred restaurant disguised as a casual bistro, we’ll have a feast rooted in the very fabric of Piedmont tradition. After, Jeff will lead us deep into the terroir and fermentation as we tour the vineyards of a local estate and sample some of their finest young wines.

It’s now we rest, for our farewell dining experience is truly incredible. We’ll don aprons together, and at the behest of local cooking icon, we’ll learn to roll our own pasta, slice and sauté our own truffles into a dish as traditional and refined as Piedmont itself. We’ll sit down together and toast—with wines hand-selected by Jeff—to an incredible week of discovery and exhilaration.

Day 6: La Morra & Around Highlights

  • Hazelnut grove visit
  • Winery tasting
  • Hands-on farewell dinner with Jeffrey
  • Stay at Albergo dell’Agenzia

Day 7: Torino Departures

Arrivederci! All beautiful things must end, and so we go our separate ways. After a leisurely breakfast, we’ll transfer to the Torino airport to catch our flights onward and home. Until next time: Ciao!

Day 7: Torino Departures Highlights

  • Transfer to Torino airport

Where We Sleep

From sleek urban sanctuaries to dreamy vine-covered retreats, our accommodations are packed with authentic Italian character and style.

GH Hotel Sitea Torino


Snug in the heart of Torino, and a stroll away from Piazza Castello, the Grand Hotel Sitea wears its 100-year history on its sleeve—elevated ceilings and elaborate period furniture all contribute to an aura of refined grace. Their attention to detail, however is decidedly modern—from ultra-modern pillows to the gentle and outgoing concierge.

Albergo dell’Agenzia


Storybook windows look out onto vine-covered hills and imposing castles — a landscape so dreamy even UNESCO has recognized it as a World Heritage Site. This idyllic luxurious retreat sits a few kilometers from Alba and Bra, between the Langhe and Roero hills, and virtually next door to the acclaimed University of Gastronomic Sciences. It's the perfect home base for our time in Piedmont.

Giorgio was a delight, so warm and open. Traveling with him in his native Piedmont was such a privilege.
Sam T.
I was blown away by how flawlessly Modern Adventure fulfilled and exceeded my expectations.
Josh S.
Scuffing through the leaves on the truffle hunt in the woods, and then later eating at the truffle-dog owner's home—incredible!
Bonnie T.

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