Jenn Glysson

Trainer & Fitness Expert

Based in Los Angeles, Jenn Glysson has trained over 1,000 clients over the past ten years. She opened The Body Los Angeles as a boutique Hollywood gym focused on helping people have fun, work hard and get stronger. Her team is comprised of some of the best certified personal trainers in Los Angeles and their expertise is reflected in each and every workout. Jenn’s approach is all about the individual, catering to each client and their own unique needs. Her rotating classes are engaging mixes of Primal Movement for increased mobility, Sports and Agility for a serious cardio workout, and Full Body HIIT to increase strength. 

Jenn’s dynamic and playful, approaching fitness and exercise in a fun and inspiring way anyone can rally around. “I want to help everyone achieve a better health and fitness lifestyle,” she says. Jenn knows and believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are capable of creating the strong and confident aesthetic—one that works for you.

Why We Love Jenn Glysson

In Jenn’s eyes, if you’re willing to try, you’re an athlete. She’s innovative, dynamic and incredibly well-versed, but has the ability to make her style of training accessible to everyone. Sign us up!

"I've always loved sports and think it's fun for everyone to 'play' while they're working out. It doesn't feel like a workout if you're having fun."

“Every day in life is a full body day.”

6 Questions with Jenn Glysson

  1. Can you talk about your athletic background?

    I grew up raised by my dad with three older brothers, so I played everything. I was on the state soccer team, state championship volleyball team—but overall I decided to accept a Division One scholarship to play basketball. I just love sports, period. I love playing, I love feeling like a kid. That’s the biggest thing, it just brings me back to childhood. It really makes ‘working out’ fun.

  2. Why is it so important to love what you do?

    Someone just told me the other day they could 100 percent feel that I care, and what they were doing matters to me. There’s a lot of people that do this for money or an extra paycheck while they’re pursuing another career, which is fine, but I take pride in this. In college I worked part-time at a physical therapy clinic, and I knew then that I loved working with people and helping them get stronger and more confident. I knew then that I didn't want to get stuck behind a desk. There are so many personal gains that I get to be a part of with my clients and it warms my heart. I never feel like I am going to work because there is really no other way I would like to spend my day. I surround my self with positive people that are working to make a positive change and have great attitudes, so what's really better than that? Also, let's be honest: I get to wear sweats to work and joke around with people all day! I really couldn't ask for a better career choice for me personally.

  3. Is your program a reaction to something you were seeing, or a niche you saw that was open? How do you stand out?

    In college, I didn't have the most ideal training. I have had several surgeries during and right after college and I attribute most of them to poor training. There were specific things that I remember thinking, 'This can't be good for me.' I have always had a very good feeling of what looks right and what feels right, but when you are competing for a spot on a team, you just do what you are told by your trainers, unfortunately. That being said, I like to incorporate GOOD sports training because it's really fun. Of course, I make sure it's safe as possible and I push people to the limit that is right before it goes from 'fun to not fun.' Also, there are a lot of trainers that just train specific body parts. Which is fine, but in my method, everyday is a full body day. BUT, I am going to move you in different planes, load you differently and give you a variety of exercises and reps to keep it fresh and fun. This is why my gym is ultimately called 'The Body.' Your body IS your machine.

  4. How would you describe Primal Movement and HIIT and Speed / Agility Training for people who aren’t familiar?

    All of the classes fall within a full body workout spectrum, but they are all so different. In Full Body HIIT class we load the body with kettle bells, dumbbells, bands, medicine balls, battle Ropes and much more. In that class we lift and gain strength. In Primal HIIT, we use our body weight and go through different movements that not only help with mobility and flexibility, but also burn a ton of calories and help tone the body overall. It's super hard, but so different from anything else that it's fun. Then my Speed and Agility class, I call 'Recess'—'cause who doesn't like to play, right? This class is my favorite, as I pull from my athletic background and put clients through fun agility drills geared towards sport and things we played at recess on the playground. The point of this class is to move your body in all planes of motion, work on your motor skills and get a cardio benefit while doing so.

  5. You said you’re not interested in being famous. How does that ideology balance with your increasing celebrity?

    I would prefer to be well-known for my workouts as opposed to going to audition for something. I care about what I do. I’d prefer to have a good reputation. The prime-time TV fitness weight loss shows have reached out to me, but that’s not what I believe in. I think if I keep doing what I believe in and help people, then good things will come. I don’t think I need to pay for that or go on a show to become that. I’ve heard people tell me that will help me and my gym, but I can’t do that if I don’t believe in it. And I’m okay with that. I’d rather have a good reputation than be famous.

  6. Do you think being a fitness trainer in LA differs from other places?

    I think it's more challenging here. People see so many celebrities and 'Instagram models' and bring pics of them in and say, 'This is how I want to look.' The sad thing is, apps and social media has distorted how almost everyone looks on the outside, so it's really unfair to young women trying to look like them. When I hear this, I really try to help my clients realize that training with me is more about their own strength and confidence journey and less about what they think of other people. If they get stronger and more confident, and eat well, they will in fact change the way they look as well. I really try to bring my Bay Area roots of 'make yourself a strong well-rounded person from the inside out, and you will also see the change in the mirror.'

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