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Travel with Daisy & Greg Ryan

Let’s Have an Adventure Together

Daisy and Greg Ryan are restaurateurs who recognize that atmosphere is a key ingredient in any dish. Their culinary resumes are impeccable, but it’s more than food they feature at Bell’s, their Michelin-star bistro in California. It’s also their community, and the passionate, thoughtful care they lavish on everything they do. We can’t wait to experience Provence and Portugal with them. And you’re invited, too!

Portugal with Daisy & Greg

May 28 – June 3, 2023 | Sold Out – Join the Waitlist Here

You’re sitting on the prow of a wooden rabelo boat as the fabled Douro Valley unfurls around you. The Iberian twilight glints off your wine glass as an accordion player offers up a traditional folk song. In just a few hours, you’ll trade the river for terraced vineyards and ancient olive groves and even forage for an al fresco feast at an unforgettable 17th-century manor. And this is just a few hours of our 7-day Portuguese expedition. We’ll also be taking in Lisbon’s intimate Fado performances, feasting on the freshest seafoods, learning the stories blue-and-white azulejo tiles tell, and meeting local tastemakers too.

Join Daisy and Greg in Portugal. Connect with ageless traditions in the kitchen, in fields and vineyards from Lisbon and Porto to the Douro Valley.