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Oaxaca Is a Gift

“I’d had Oaxacan food before, but few restaurants served meals like this—’celebration food’ worth the effort only for births and weddings. And, apparently, for Modern Adventure. We fell quiet as we ate, too delighted to speak.”

This trip is bonkers. You know that, right?

Lila Harron Battis

So writes Lila Harron Battis in the current issue of TRAVEL + LEISURE. Lila joined a Modern Adventure to Oaxaca last November alongside iconic chef Traci Des Jardins. Lila was skeptical, not sure what to expect. Over a few days she discovered our Oaxaca, one that is pure magic, soulful and vibrant, packing in so much of the complex, fascinating culture of Mexico.

“I thought tours were for people afraid to see a place in all its complexities, but this one led me to a version of Oaxaca I hadn’t even known to look for. The real Mexico is not in restaurants or in stores. It’s in homes. It’s in markets. It’s hidden away.”

We invite you to read Lila’s full article in TRAVEL + LEISURE, and to experience the heart and soul of Mexico with Modern Adventure. Vamos!