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Meet the Storm Petrel

A Haiku to our Favorite Bird

Little wings go far
View the world as one big home
Tell us what you see

Have you seen our logo?

The little feathered friend represented is a storm petrel, one of the world’s most populous birds with some 50 million pairs.

Honestly, storm petrels aren’t terribly cute. They’re about seven inches long, mostly black or brown, with a flurry of white feathers on their flanks and rump. They live rather watery lives, eating lots of plankton. But oh, the majesty of their travels!

The storm petrel literally flies the seven seas – and is the rare creature found on ALL seven continents.

We believe that the power of travel can be found anywhere and everywhere. And because this seems to be built into the little petrel’s DNA, we picked them to represent us… or did the storm petrel really pick us?