Zach Pollack


Anyone who’s met Zach Pollack will tell you he’s obsessed with Italian tradition. And if you’ve eaten at one of his award-winning restaurants in Los Angeles, you know that with obsession comes perfection and a really delicious plate of pasta. That passion and expertise has earned him Los Angeles Magazine’s “Top 10 Best New Restaurants,” a spot on Forbes’ “30 Under 30,”  and a nomination for the James Beard Foundation’s “Rising Star Chef of the Year” award. Yeah, Zach is not messing around when it comes to the perfect red sauce.

When the Los Angeles native touched down in Italy back in 2004, he knew he wanted to build something. It just so happens that his aspirations of being an architect were quickly sidelined when he fell in love with the Italian rituals of dining—the way they engage with their food and drink, the opinions a dish forms, the history that a cuisine evokes. It was then his taste buds told him he was going to become an Italian chef—a damn good one.

You know the meal you’re about to have in Italy is going to be satisfying not just to the palate but to the soul.

It was the food and wine that really captivated me, stopped me in my tracks. The way Italians engage with it, the way they talk about it, the opinions it informs, the history it evokes, and the time they dedicate to the ritual of eating and drinking.