Philip Krajeck


A native Floridian who has lived and traveled around the world, Philip Krajeck set out to test his meddle in the storied food scene of Nashville. He opened Rolf & Daughters in 2012, which quickly earned “Best New Restaurant” nods from Esquire and Bon Appétit—plus getting recognized himself in 2014 by the Kentucky-Tennessee Rising Stars Award. In 2018, Krajeck opened his second Nashville eatery, Folk; it won him Eater’s 2018 Chef of the Year. Bon Appétit said simply, Philip was “put on this earth to make pasta.” Judging by his four James Beard Award nominations before age 35, we’d have to say he’s got a few other strengths in the kitchen, too.

A 10-year-old Philip would’ve been marveling at the endless cavalcade of charcuteries, patisseries, and farmers markets in Brussels, where he lived until returning to the States for college. He brought with him a sense just how magically epicurean a city could be.

My goal is to make seasonal, high-quality cooking accessible to many.

There’s a freedom in Nashville because it’s a newer food scene. You can make it here if you try hard and have the right values.