Naomi Pomeroy

Chef and Restaurateur

Naomi Pomeroy has been cooking since age three. She wrote her first recipe at four. Granted, that recipe involved chewing up almonds and mixing them with sprinkles. Nevertheless, that almond mush cake set her on a trajectory to be named one of Food & Wine’s 10 Best New Chefs, a James Beard award-winner, and an Iron Chef competitor. Marie Claire called her the next Alice Waters, but really, she could be the next anything she wants.

A native Oregonian, Naomi started out in catering before gathering enough investors to open Beast. Today it’s one of Portland’s top restaurants. She respects ingredients and is committed to sourcing the finest ones around. She’s hands-on, butchering her own pigs on occasion, and has dominated the food scene by harnessing a fearless attitude and a keen eye for quality.

In my kitchen I’ve always said to everyone very, very explicitly: We need to have fun while we’re working.

Naomi fell in love with cooking through the adrenaline rush that comes from acting fast on your feet. Her passions are beautifully captured in her debut 2016 cookbook, Taste & Technique.