Kristofor Lofgren

Founder and Ceo, Bamboo Sushi

Kristofor Lofgren is a creator who genuinely, earnestly and passionately is driving change in the food world. The founder and CEO of Bamboo Sushi in Portland, Oregon, he urges us to “be the change you want to see.”  As the world’s first Marine Stewardship Council-certified sushi restaurant, Bamboo Sushi crafts culinary excellence with sustainability always at top of mind.

With Bamboo Sushi, its counterpart QuickFish, and his Sustainable Restaurant group, Kristofor aims to bring the conversation of sustainable seafood to the forefront. “We really want food to be more about conversation and about impact,” he says. With seven restaurant locations around Portland, Oregon, and two in Denver—and ten more slated to open in the next two years on the West Coast—we can say he’s definitely making that impact.

Getting into the restaurant industry was a complete accident for me. But I think sometimes it sort of chooses you.

Kristofor has always been interested in food and its connection to health, the land and the people growing it—with sustainability at the crux.