Jeremiah Langhorne


Jeremiah Langhorne is Washington, D.C.’s culinary voice. He takes the Chesapeake and surrounding region and champions it, plates it and serves it up to guests who didn’t even know what they were missing. Jeremiah’s cooked and traveled around the world, being named in Eater’s Young Guns class of 2012, and one of Gayot’s “Top 5 Rising Chefs” in the US, all the while developing an appreciation for local fare. He brought this back to D.C. and has been honing the Mid-Atlantic flavor profile ever since. Named one of Food + Wine’s 2016 Restaurants of Year, The Dabney has earned a Michelin star and Jeremiah the coveted position as a James Beard Award winner for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic.

Jeremiah isn’t the typical chef who grew up cooking family recipes by his grandmother’s side. His start came as a pizza delivery boy. He says he “didn’t really realize how food worked” until he saw the guys in the kitchen making up their own pies. Breakthrough: you could diverge from a recipe and make whatever you wanted. This spark of creativity hooked Jeremiah and he never turned back, tenaciously ascending the ranks of renowned restaurants until finally starting his own.

When you’re a chef, especially when you’re a restaurateur, you have to know about so much more than just cooking great food.

I chose D.C. for its geographical location primarily, and for the history. Until recently, I don’t think anyone really realized how unique D.C.’s geographic location is.