Giorgio Rapicavoli


“Miami’s Hottest Chef” is Giorgio Rapicavoli—we’re not pandering, that’s official praise. The young all-star is bringing audacity, cleverness and intrigue to the local food scene with his restaurants, Eating House and Luca Osteria. At just 26, Giorgio won Chopped, made Forbes’ 30 Under 30,” and opened his first restaurant. He’s even received James Beard Award attention as a Best Chef semifinalist twice. But he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not cooking for awards. He’s unwaveringly true to himself, serving up things people keep coming back for with pure, hedonistic flavor.

Half Argentine, half Italian, Giorgio spent half his life growing up in Italy’s Piedmont region. It was here—and at a revolving door of Italian family dinners back in Miami—he learned about Slow Food, wine, cheese and how to compose a meal. He dropped out of culinary school, instead opting to work his way up the Coral Gables restaurant scene. At each step, he’s carried with him his heritage and the Slow Food motto: “Good, Clean, and Fair.” It’s literally tattooed on his arm in Italian—and you can taste it in every bite.

We don’t cook for other people. We cook to make something that we are proud of.

If cooking is an art, we’re making graffiti.