Ferrell Alvarez


In 2013, a young Ferrell Alvarez opened his first restaurant, Rooster & the Till, in his hometown of Tampa, Florida. Fast forward six short years, and he’s stacked up a James Beard nomination and a slew of Best Restaurant awards from preeminent Florida food, trend and creative publications. But don’t think Ferrell’s spent all his time in one place. In this time, he’s also opened a waterfront taqueria and a hip gamer’s hangout in a converted mini-mart. Ferrell dreams big, then makes those dreams happen in his own corner of foodie heaven.

Starting as a dishwasher at 15, Ferrell was eager to pursue cooking gigs and soon attended Cincinnati Culinary Arts Academy. He made his way back to Tampa, working at prestigious local landmarks, fostering a community like the one that supported him. He treats his staff like family, his food with love and Tampa like the next culinary Mecca.

Cooking has taught me so much about life. It’s taught me how to believe in people, empower people, give people opportunity—it’s a complete yin and yang of everything for me.

With a little bit of love and belief, it’s incredible what can happen.