Elisabeth Akinwale

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

Look at Elisabeth Akinwale’s athletic career, and you’d think she was a superhero. A successful CrossFit Games and Olympic-style weightlifting competitor, she’s known for events with marvelous monikers like the “Double Banger,” “Cinco 1,” and “Clean Speed Ladder.” On top of her incredible qualifications, she also holds a Masters in social work, is a proud mother and, with her partner, co-owner of Chicago’s 13th Flow fitness company.

Through competing in gymnastics since the age of four, then transitioning to CrossFit and weightlifting, Elisabeth has seen challenge and risen to the occasion every time. She’s passionate about health, yes, but also about people. And like a giant barbell, she is using her energy to lift up those around her. To Elisabeth, 13th Flow moves away from traditional models of fitness to serve the community with the affirmation, connection and guidance. She makes fitness transformative and truly enjoyable.

I don’t personally promote ‘Strong Is the New Sexy’ or anything like that. It’s anything you want to be! That’s sexy. Just go with that.

So many of our members are doing incredible work in other fields, and fitness is a tool for them to be their best self.