Elias Cairo

Chef, Salumist, Olympia Provisions Founder

The salumist’s distinctly old-world approach comes from leaning into his heritage and learning from the masters. A first generation Greek-American, he grew up making meats by his father’s side. His formative training took place in Switzerland with renowned chef Annegret Schlumpf, which set him up to apprentice in Greece before heading to Portland. He worked his way from line cook to Executive Chef at the esteemed local staple Castagna, and in 2009 he established Olympia Provisions. Elias’ fastidious attention to detail and standard for quality earned his shop the coveted approval of the USDA. His genuine passion for the handmade has blazed a trail for anyone interested in making meats the best way possible.

It never dawned on me that people could make a living doing something they were really proud of—until I went to Switzerland.

Everything the Swiss make is so precise, consumable and delicious. Even ordering a coffee and some bon bons at a patisserie is a life-changing experience.