Sunstone Winery

Bion Rice, Winemaker and CEO

Since 1990, Sunstone Winery has been producing premium, organic Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Mourvedre and Viognier, from their 28-acre vineyard. Their varietals have won countless industry-coveted awards for organics as well as winning numerous international wine competitions. The Rice family—Fred and Linda, and their children, Bion, Ashley and Brittany—started their Santa Ynez estate with the vision to farm in a completely organic, bio-sustainable manner, meeting the highest standards in viticulture. 30 years later, Sunstone is now the oldest, continuously organically grown vineyard in Santa Barbara County.

Fred and Linda’s son, Bion Rice, now oversees the vineyard. His 20-plus years of wine industry experience in a variety of roles including production, winemaking, brand management, sales and marketing, and general business management have set him up to carry on his family’s legacy. “When our family planted the Sunstone vineyard, we knew that good wine started with caring for the land,” he says Bion. He’s continually making Sunstone a living dedication to family and the environment.

Our goal was to create a place where wine and food could be enjoyed in a picturesque atmosphere.

Linda Rice

We continue to nurture our organic vines to make delicious, world-class wines.

Bion Rice