Andrew Murray


The trip that changed everything for Andrew? Traveling through France’s Rhône Valley with his parents, and falling in love with winemaking as a teenager. He quickly left his UC Berkeley paleontology studies behind to pursue a degree in viticulture and enology from UC Davis’ renowned wine program. By his early twenties, he had founded his own eponymous winery in California’s Santa Ynez Valley, so similar to the French terroir of his dreams. Two decades later, Andrew’s focus and dedication continue to earn accolades. He regularly graces the pages of Food & Wine, who once anointed him “Tastemaker of the Year,” and his wines were even featured in the hit wine-centric film Sideways.

Andrew’s approach to wine is equal parts passion, curiosity, and playfulness, whether it’s making a playlist to accompany his wines or using ‘80s pop culture references to make terms like “carbonic maceration” and “spur pruning” come to life. He’s the type of winemaker who appreciates old-school techniques — to him, they’re like cassette tapes and Vans: classics ready to be discovered by a new generation.

People tend to shy away from Burgundy because of its high-brow reputation, but they’re missing out.

My style has the politeness of the French, and the brashness of the Australians. I walk the razor’s edge.