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Field Notes: A Week in Yucatán in Photos

Yucatán Is Simply the Best

Yucatán embodies so much of what we at Modern Adventure value: natural bounty, cultural richness and centuries of traditions that showcase the heady mix that is modern Mexico. The food, the sights and sounds—and, of course, the people. As we look back on an amazing week in Yucatán with Mixtli’s Diego Galicia and Rico Torres, there were so many unforgettable moments: connecting with local artisans and chefs, Father Luis and his bees, the architectural wonder of Uxmal, breakfast tacos in Mérida… the experience was deliciously wonderfully incredible.

This trip exceeded our expectations. (And we have pretty high standards.) The itinerary was outstanding. Every choice was excellent.

Raymond R.

Yucatán with Modern Adventure