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Field Notes: A Week in Burgundy in Photos

Burgundy is Simply the Best

As we look back on an amazing week in Burgundy, we can’t quite decide on just one “aha” moment. Was it tasting a fabled Grand Cru alongside the winemaker, or that sumptuous meal at a Michelin-starred brasserie? Or maybe it was the only-in-Burgundy truffle hunt or that staggeringly beautiful hot-air balloon excursion? Truthfully, the whole adventure was one string of delicious, incredible, truly fulfilling experiences—and choosing just one doesn’t do it justice at all. Fortunately we took some amazing photos, so we can relive the adventure again and again.

This trip was perfectly organized, with great local guides and incredible access. Everything was wonderful. Especially our fellow travelers.

James G.

Burgundy with Modern Adventure