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3 Reasons to Travel with Matt Lightner

Matt is a virtuosic chef, a culinary maestro—he serves guests a nuanced sonata, guiding them through one melodic dish after another, until dessert arrives in a final crescendo of seasonality and flavor. For Matt, the finest moments occur in the spaces in between, the notes between notes, and we can’t wait to travel beside him in a country that’s so close to his heart.

Among the Stars

Since graduating from cooking school in Portland, Matt has packed his knife roll to Denmark, Spain and New York City, where he’s worked with legends like René Redzepi and earned a few Michelin stars, too.

No Off Season

Matt cooks in, and for, the moment. Dishes like magnolia-white asparagus and geoduck or poached rhubarb adorned with foraged lilac flowers are a testament to the seasonal whims that rule his kitchen.

Fermentation Station

Just down the road from his new restaurant, ōkta, Matt created a larder and fermentation lab. Matt takes the soul of the ancient technique, which has shaped Japanese flavor profiles since 1000 BCE and applies a modern twist.