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3 Reasons to Travel with Jose Salazar

Jose speaks of Peruvian cuisine in colors and feelings. And he’s just as ready to anchor his recipes in history and research from Peru. You won’t just taste the beautiful peppers, fresh seafood, the potatoes and legumes — you’ll understand how elevation, coastlines, and cultures influence every bite.

The Magic of Peru

Jose has pored over the recipes, history, and cultural literature of Peru with a passion. For him, stepping foot in the Sacred Valley, cooking in Lima, and experiencing the best street foods is like watching a black-and-white TV suddenly turn to color.

Culinary Roots

Jose has worked alongside culinary heavy hitters, including Thomas Keller, who helped Jose cement his cooking philosophies. Today, his Cincinnati restaurants are the places to go for innovative fare from the multi-award-winning chef.

Playing the Long Game

Jose has put in the long hours and long weeks as a chef. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what spawned his “New American” food – think tapas, seafood, and more — in a way that educates as much as it satisfies.