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3 Reasons to Travel with Jamie Bissonnette

Jamie Bissonnette is a force to be reckoned with. The James Beard Award-winning chef is the mastermind behind some of Boston’s most successful restaurants, renowned throughout the industry for his nose-to-tail cooking and unrivaled ability to bring both nostalgia and innovation to a plate. He’s also a bit of a punk rock star, but we’ll get to that below.

Fed by Travel

Jamie credits his inspiration in the kitchen to his passion for travel. His innovative small plates at Little Donkey showcase flavors he’s encountered across the globe, and he loves preparing ingredients using techniques he discovered on his travels.

Vietnam by Taste

Jamie’s no stranger to Vietnam; he even worked on a cruise ship there years ago. On his days off, his passion for cuisine led him winding through alleyways in search of the best street food and most authentic flavors.

Punk Rock Roots

Before becoming a chef, Jamie played bass for a slew of different punk rock and metal bands. While he doesn’t play much any more (his dog isn’t a fan), his cooking is a reflection of his hardcore roots: bold, fearless, and thrumming with energy.