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3 Reasons to Travel with Becca Millstein

Becca was working in the music industry when she noticed something missing from the grocery shelf: tinned fish. How could such an exquisite product, one perfect for both picnics in the park and hosting at home, be exiled to other countries? When she found no answer, she cofounded Fishwife, a company devoted to ethically-sourced and premium tinned seafood. We can’t wait to travel together in Portugal, where the merroir was her original source of inspiration.

Of Sardines and Slurs

Originally referring to the wives and daughters of fishermen, in the 16th century the term “Fishwife” became a gendered slur for women who were brass and boisterous. As a female cofounder and CEO, Becca does not shy away from her Fishwife ways.

It Takes A Village

From a sustainable trout farm in Idaho to a family-owned cannery in Northern Spain, Becca has forged deep relationships all over the world with one goal in mind: to change the narrative of tinned fish.

Shelter in Place

Inspiration struck Becca while avoiding frequent grocery-store visits and seeking nutritious shelf-stable ingredients amid the pandemic; fast forward a few years, and now she’s sharing that very same inspiration with the world.