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Peru with On

The ultimate Peru cultural, culinary and outdoor adventure

September 21 - 28, 2020

One departure only—Call to Book

8 Days, 7 Nights

Best of Lima, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco


per person, based on double occupancy

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You can’t see where the steps go. Only what they’re made of. Ancient, tiny stones laid out centuries ago up a misty Andean peak. The thrill of what’s to come outweighs any fatigue from the day’s hike on the iconic Inca Trail. Pressing on, you’re suddenly at the top. Sprawling before you is a first look of a “lost” 15th-century city, hemmed in by forest-clad mountains. And this is only part of the adventure. You’ve biked through Lima, the artsy capital on the coast, now a worldly culinary star equally noted for indigenous street food and Michelin-star restaurants. You’ve paddled a serene mountain lake, communed with Andean villagers and savored traditional Peruvian dishes. You’ve spent a few glorious days hiking in the Sacred Valley, capped off right now with this unforgettable sunrise visit to Machu Picchu…

If you crave the authentic Peruvian experience, complete with trekking, urban adventure, local flavors and cultural immersion, this trip is for you. We’ll lace up our own complimentary pairs of the latest shoes from On⁠—one, the ideal pair for urban adventuring; the second, the perfect hiking boot for climbing into the clouds—for an on-the-ground product test. Over seven days we’ll explore Lima by foot and bike, taste and cook traditional Peruvian cuisine, hike a portion of the Inca Trail and witness breathtaking views over Machu Picchu. It’s a journey and a celebration of a land where the Inca’s age-old traditions flourish in the 21st century. This is the Peru trip you’ve been dreaming of.

Why Travel with On

Create Connections

Engage with On in a new way, kitted out with two complimentary pairs of the latest, ultra-premium On shoes to test on the ground in Peru with a community that values exploration and adventure.

Go Further

Our trips are immersive, handcrafted experiences designed to go deeper into the heart of a destination, and inspire lifelong curiosity.

Revolutionize Your Senses

Experience new cultures, take your passions on the road, return home inspired and ready to hit the ground running with the latest On performance shoes.

On shoes feel like you're walking on clouds. And in Peru, you'll be walking through clouds.

Peru Trip Highlights



From Inca Trail hiking and our very own llama trek, to biking through Lima and exploring Cusco on foot, it's the ultimate outdoor adventure in Peru.



Celebrate the best of the Incan way, ancient and modern. Meet up with local weavers and artisans, and connect with a community as passionate about the outdoors as you!



Experience a traditional pachamanca feast of pit-roasted meats, eat at street markets and award-winning kitchens, knock back pisco sours and craft beers in Lima.

Day by Day

Day 1

Bienvenidos a Peru! To kick off the trip right, we saddle on up a low-key bike ride through hip Lima neighborhoods, past shops and along clifftop paths, finally coasting down to the oceanfront promenade below. Next, we head out on foot in your new pair of On Cloud Hi shoes to tour the surrounding Barranco neighborhood. It’s a laid-back Bohemian scene where surfers sip artisan coffee and buildings are covered in colorful street art. For our welcome dinner this evening, we’ll sip some of Lima’s finest craft beers paired with an authentic Peruvian meal It’s the perfect way to kick off our adventure together.

Day 1 Highlights

Bike tour of Miraflores and San Isidro

Street art and neighborhood tour

Drinks at a local microbrewery

Stay at Hotel Casa Republica in Lima

Day 2

Today we move into the Andes! After a quick flight from Lima to Cusco, we ride into the Sacred Valley for lunch—perfectly grilled meats and local specialties—and a traditional horse show at Wayra, performed in classic Andean garb. It’s an honor to be welcomed in the Sacred Valley with a heartfelt display of traditional song and dance. Tonight, tucked away in the Andes between Cusco and Machu Picchu, we’ll dream of towering mountains and ancient cloud cities to come.

Day 2 Highlights

Flight to Cusco, transfer to Sacred Valley

Lunch and traditional equestrian show at Wayra

Stay at Casa Andina in Urubamba

Day 3

We kick off today with a new spirit animal: the llama! We visit Llama Pack Project, a local organization contributing to the development of neighboring high-Andean communities in the Urubamba Mountain Range. They work with local families to promote both sustainable rural development and eco-conservation. Llamas are an integral part of Andean life. They’re also very cute creatures. After a few llama selfies, we’ll lace up our On shoes and head out on a trek with our pack llamas, guided by local Andean villagers. Later, we’ll be ready to relax—even though, let’s be honest, the llamas did most of the work—so we’ll spend a low-key afternoon back at the hotel.

Day 3 Highlights

Llama trek with The Llama Pack Project

Stay at Casa Andina in Urubamba

Day 4

We trekked the Andes, and now we float. In the morning we cruise the calm water of Piuray Lake on stand-up paddle (SUP) boards, its snow-capped peaks forming the backdrop. Back on shore, we’ll have a traditional pachamanca feast of pit-roasted meats, honoring the Incan connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth). It’s a delicious experience, with smoky meats falling off the bone, potatoes perfectly charred.

Next, we meet with a community of weavers on a mission to preserve ancient traditions. They’ll show us how they use natural dyes to create intricate, vibrant works of art; each pattern has a unique story to tell—as do our gracious hosts. Our final stops are a journey through pre-Incan times before the arrival of the Spanish in Peru. First at Maras salt flats, an ancient landscape of salt-evaporation ponds, then at the circular farming terraces and canals of Moray. After dinner tonight, rest up. An epic adventure is coming.

Day 4 Highlights

SUP boarding at Piuray Lake

Pachamanca lunch feast

Visit local weavers, Maras salt fields, Moray

Stay at Casa Andina in Urubamba

Day 5

Today, our Machu Picchu adventure begins. We hop on a morning train to the final portion of the Inca Trail, strap on our new On Cloudrock speed-hiking boots for the ultimate product test, and we’re off! We pass over suspension bridges, through jungle and by amazing archaeological sites like Chachabamba and Winaywayna before reaching the last climb: up steep, narrow stone steps that lead to our first look at Machu Picchu, spilling down almost impossibly over a mountainside. Walking through the Sun Gate, Intipunku, is the absolute best way to see this marvel for the first time.

In the late afternoon, we transfer to Aguas Calientes so we can put up our feet and relax in luxury at the hotel, celebrating our epic day with a big dinner (and maybe a spa visit).

Day 5 Highlights

Train to Inca Trail

Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Stay at Sumaq in Aguas Calientes

Day 6

We’re not done with Machu Picchu yet! We’ll see it in all its glory at sunrise, the clouds lifting to reveal the scale and sheer audacity of a ridge-top site built between towering peaks. We’ll dive deeper on a walk through ruin-filled terraces and ancient terrain. Then it’s time for lunch and then a train ride from Aguas Calientes to nearby Ollaytaytambo, to meet our private transfer to Cusco. Dinner here is on our own, to give us a chance to explore Cusco’s many eateries, from humble street food to celebrated modern kitchens.

Day 6 Highlights

Sunrise visit to Machu Picchu

Travel from Agaus Calientes to Cusco

Stay at El Mercado in Cusco

Day 7

We’ve been busy explorers, so today is a leisurely Cusco introduction. Our first glance of the ancient capital of the Inca spans centuries. Modern Peruvian eateries fit into Spanish-colonial buildings, locals in indigenous clothing sell crafts on cobblestone streets. Lunch is at Pachapapa, a local favorite, colorfully decorated and serving plates lovingly assembled.

Next, we’ll walk the streets of San Blas and down the famed Hatunrumiyoc street lined in stone and draped in vibrant textiles. Then it’s a walk through Incan history: Coricancha, spiritual center of the Inca Empire; Cusco Cathedral, heralded by Incan royalty; and finish in Plaza de Armas, the town square and its glorious fountain statue of Incan emperor Pachacuti. Tonight, it’s an evening of pisco sours and fond farewells, at a dinner that celebrates our adventures in Peru.

Day 7 Highlights

Lunch at Pachapapa

Walking exploration of Cusco sites

Farewell dinner & drinks

Stay at El Mercado in Cusco

Day 8

For our last day together, we’ll drive to the nearby Saqsayhuaman, a hillside fortress built by the Inca by stacking enormous stones fit into a perfect, mortar-free puzzle. To return to Cusco, we follow Quechua-speaking locals walking from mountain villages to city markets on the fabled Qhapaq Ñan network of Incan roads. We’ll freshen up before heading wherever our journeys take us next—home or beyond—with Peru in our hearts forever. Buen viaje!

Day 8 Highlights

Visit Saqsayhuaman

Walk famed Incan roads to Cusco

Fly home or continue your adventure

Where We Sleep

Our accommodations reflect the beauty and grace of Peru, setting the tone for our week of inspired exploration.

Our Hotels

Casa Republica


A meticulously preserved mansion from the 1920s—all columns and finials and grandeur—this 22-room retreat is on a quiet Lima street and gives you a real sense of place. Nowhere more so than the rooftop bar. Order up a round of pisco sours at sunset, then take in the views of the beautiful bohemian sprawl that is Lima’s Barranco neighborhood.

Casa Andina


Our ideal mountain refuge, Casa Andina serves as our base for our Andean activities. Tucked away in the countryside between Cusco and Machu Picchu, this rustic spot is the perfect waypost for our journey. Serenity abounds throughout the property and into the finest details, including the finest Peruvian cuisine. This is Sacred Valley living.


Aguas Calientes

This resplendent Machu Picchu hotel features stunningly appointed rooms to match its breathtaking views. From luxurious spa treatments to authentic cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients, this is a true five-star retreat. It's also been named one of South America’s best hotels by Condé Nast Traveler.

El Mercado


You’ll be happy setting up at this one-time, colonial-era Cusco market turned boutique B&B. The 32 traditional rooms with beam ceilings boast a chic makeover, and overlook the hotel's central terrace. Filled with artesanías (handicrafts) and comfy lounges around pit fires, it’s the perfect place to stay warm, with a drink or two, on those chilly nights.

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That’s OK, we have answers. Read our FAQs below. Or text or call us at +1 (503) 907-9889 to speak with a Modern Adventure Trip Specialist.

  1. What does the price include?

    Seven nights at unique four- and five-star accommodations; private travel for all day trips and excursions; internal flights as mentioned in the itinerary; 2 free pairs of On shoes (a $400 value); private tours with local guides and cultural experts; exclusive VIP access and tastings; guided activities, adventures and expeditions; entrance fees; daily breakfasts, most lunches and dinners; local beverages with meals.

  2. What does the price not include?

    International roundtrip airfare; travel insurance; transportation to the trip’s starting point; activities not included in the trip itinerary; hotel incidentals including room service, laundry service and hotel bar tabs; food and beverages not included in itinerary; gratuity for tour leader.

  3. Where does this trip start and end?

    Our adventure begins at 8:30am on Monday, September 21, 2020 at the Hotel Casa Republica in Lima, Peru. The closest airport is the Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) in Lima, Peru. We recommend arriving on or before September 20 to ensure you're at our starting point on time. Our last day is Monday, September 28, 2020 in Cusco, Peru. The closest airport is the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ). Your flight from here should be scheduled to depart at 3:00pm or later from here.

  4. What travel documents are needed?

    Citizens from the United States countries do not require a visa to travel to Peru. For most travelers you will need a valid passport. It is recommended for your passport to be valid at least six months after your travel is planned. Please check with the Peru Embassy or Consulate for detailed information and full requirements.

  5. Do I need to pay a solo traveler supplement?

    For solo travelers, there is a $900 single-supplement fee—paid at the time of booking to secure a private room. If you would like us to pair you with a roommate, that option may be available upon checkout—these spots are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  6. What is the cancelation policy?

    You may cancel on or before June 17, 2020 and receive a full refund. If you cancel between June 18 and July 22, there is a 50% cancellation fee. On or after July 23, 2020 there is a 100% cancellation fee. If for any reason a trip is canceled by us, you are entitled to a refund or a complimentary transfer to another departure (see our Terms and Conditions for full details).

  7. Who is going on this trip?

    Our adventures typically have between 10 and 20 guests, and our Modern Adventure Team. Our experiences are fun and inclusive and you can expect to be joined by a diverse group in terms of age, background and interests—including solo travelers, couples and friends traveling together. This adventure is for travelers age 18 and above.

  8. Who is leading this trip?

    This trip is led by an expert Modern Adventure Trip Leader. They're an experienced travel guide, a representative of Modern Adventure and your go-to person for questions or concerns on the trip. We’ll be joined throughout our adventure by local, expert guides who are deeply knowledgeable with respect to local cultures, customs and history and are passionate about sharing that with us.

  9. How difficult is this adventure?

    The majority of this adventure will be spent at altitude in the Andean Mountain Range. Altitude can have an effect on anyone regardless of fitness levels—but don’t worry! We have designed this adventure with this in mind and will ease our way into the mountain portion so guests can have time to acclimatize.