Bhutan: Druk Path Trek & Punakha Festival

Save the Date | Departing March 2022

bhutan of your dreams

This trekking adventure sounds like fantasy. In fact, it’s Bhutan. This journey into the long-isolated nation’s takes in sacred sites, remote mountain passes, vibrant festivals, hot springs and heritage hotels. It's a perfect celebration of the true Magic Kingdom.

Mystical Bhutan feels like a different world, a world lost in ancient mountain times – not surprising, as Bhutan measures life by happiness, Buddha and the Himalaya themselves. Our 12-day journey is as much about trekking the iconic Druk Pak between Thimpu and Paro, as it is a deep cultural immersion visiting mountain monasteries and celebrating Punakha’s Tshechu Festival. This is Bhutan at its most traditional: dressed-up yaks, locals in beaded hats and brightly colored robes, Buddhist monks, costumed dancers and musicians.

Bhutan remained closed to the world until 1974, and still offers a window to the ages. We’ll visit dzongs (whitewashed fortress-monasteries) set triumphantly along roaring rivers, then relax in hot spring baths. We’ll hike up to Par Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest), a 17th-century monastery built mid-cliff, where clouds often shroud the scene above a valley floor 3,000 feet below. If you love combing culture with adventure, join us.

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