Seville & Granada with Tory Miller

Save the Date | Departing Fall 2020

3 Reasons to Travel with Tory Miller

Eating at chef Tory Miller’s restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin, is like going on a culinary world tour. Each with their own flavor and focus, Tory melds his passion for locally grown food with global inspiration. He’s a James Beard award winner for Best Chefs in America, and even beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef Showdown. Seville and Granada with Tory will be a master class in culinary inspiration through travel.

He's Full of Good Ideas

A French-inspired Madison staple. A New York gastropub sendup. Fast-casual pan-Asian. Spanish tapas. These don’t sound like the restaurants of a single chef. But Tory has made a name for himself bringing new ideas to the table, all with joyful flavor and innovative thinking.

He Cares About Community

Tory’s restaurants provide locally-sourced cuisine to a larger audience while expanding on his love of worldly flavors. He wants people eating at L’Etoile, Graze, Sujeo or Estrellon to feel that blend of local and international.

He Loves Spain

Estrellon, Tory’s ode to Spanish tapas, is his newest endeavor and already a big hit. Tory traveled extensively in Spain to prepare for this new concept, and he’s dying to go back!

3 Reasons to Travel with
Modern Adventure

A New Perspective

Rugged mountain landscapes, Roman ruins and Moorish castles, flamenco dancers and glorious Mediterranean beaches—Seville and Granada are the unforgettable heart of Andalucia.

How We Travel Matters

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Comida Deliciosa

From traditional tapas to the freshest seafood you’ve tasted, southern Spain's cuisine is bursting with flavors and history. Don’t worry—we’ll try it all, along with some of Spain's most famous wines.

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