Sarah Owens

Cookbook Author & Baker

Cookbook author, baker, gardener, sourdough master. Sarah Owens is a true bread winner. Her first book, Sourdough, received a James Beard award; her following releases, Toast & Jam and Heirloom, have been met with equal acclaim. But reading recipes is not the only way to experience the Owens oeuvre. Sarah owns wholesale and workspace, Ritual Fine Foods, teaches workshops and curates events around the world. Through all her efforts, she’s bringing wholesome and heritage ingredients and techniques to bread lovers everywhere.

Originally a professional ceramic artist, Sarah spent years as a horticulturist at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Her work in organic care and heirloom cultivars blossomed into a love of food and fermentation. She founded Ritual Fine Foods for a new and needed perspective on fresh and healthy food products. “Through the conviction of a number of folks dedicated to building the food community there,” she says, “I was able to find a way to not only bake sourdough but become a small part of a growing movement to bring better, fresher food to the Rockaway peninsula.” Recently relocated in winter of 2020, Sarah will continue her mission in Sebastopol, CA, with a new workspace and venue to teach the benefits of nourishing food traditions.

I’m a very creative person who likes to deal with natural elements as much as possible.

You need to be able to master your craft before you can turn it into an art.