Cheetie Kumar


Before Cheetie discovered her culinary calling, she was following a different path to becoming a rockstar. But things changed when she began studying recipes while pursuing her music career. Now she channels her creativity in both her musical and culinary practice.

The award-winning chef learned cooking techniques from her mother, and she uses them to flavor ingredients she sources locally in North Carolina. In fact, she says her mother was the person she wanted to impress most after opening her restaurant in Raleigh. Garland pays homage to her family’s Indian roots, also blending in flavors from her time in New York City and the South. The multicultural dishes are imaginative and colorful, just like her.

The inspiration for food really comes from the ingredients for me. I’m fascinated by the way ingredients have made it from one part of the world to the other just like my family.

The most significant connection for me between playing music and cooking professionally is the honing of one’s creative process.