Lima & Machu Picchu


The Incan Trail through jungle, over bridges, past historic sites, surrounded by towering mountains en route to Machu Picchu


With local chefs and artists in hip Lima neighborhoods, with Incan culture and traditions on ancient, revered trails


Why the incredible flavors of Peruvian cuisine are so buzzworthy, from Michelin-star restaurants to traditional stone-baked pachamanca

Why Peru

At the top of a misty Andean peak stands a 15-century city hemmed in forest-clad mountains. Peru may be known for the iconic Machu Picchu, but that’s only scratching the surface. The country is a rich bastion of ancient Incan culture, rugged hiking terrain, stellar scenery, Michelin-starred restaurants and humbling connection to the spiritual world. Peru is a shining South American beacon of joy, adventure and culture.


Our Peru retreats mean biking through hip Lima neighborhoods, tasting modern Peruvian cuisine at some of Lima's most acclaimed kitchens, hiking the Inca Trail, and witnessing an unforgettable sunrise over Machu Picchu. Our Peru connects you with indigenous communities and age-old traditions, with all the modern trappings of a stylish coastal capital.

Your Private Experience

Who It’s For

For the lovers of urban bustle and outdoor adventures. Lima is home to some of the highest-rated restaurants in the world, as well as astounding traditional Andean culture. This is the culinary adventure of a lifetime.

When to Travel

Peru’s dry season (May thru Oct) is the ideal time, especially for outdoorsy trekkers. Look out for sunny days and bright blue backdrops to historic sites.

Make It Yours

Our Peru retreats highlight some of the best city features and their rugged counterparts, all adaptable to suit your interests: more Michelin-star cuisines, more hiking, more cultural connection.

Day by Day

For the foodie and culturalista, there’s plenty to see in Cusco and Lima; if your group is more adventurous, they’ll jump at the chance to visit the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Here’s how we like to see it all:

Days 1 - 2

Welcome to Lima! Get a lay of the land and streets by bike on a guided tour, followed by a hands-on cooking class and walking tour of the hip laid-back Barranco neighborhood, Lima’s cultural epicenter. Explore the art and artistry of the city on street art tour led by local artists. And dinner? We’ll book your table at Astrid y Gastón, one of the world’s Top 50 restaurants and a reflection of Peru’s natural bounty.

  • Bike tour of Miraflores & San Isidro
  • Lima street art tour
  • Peruvian cooking class
  • Dinner at Astrid y Gastón

Day 3

Explore more of Lima if you wish, or move into the Andes! We’ll fly your group seamlessly to Cusco, where you’ll ride into Sacred Valley to visit the indigenous Huayllafara community. Here, you’ll be invited to harvest your own Andean ingredients to use in this afternoon’s traditional meal, pachamanca, where you’re the guest of honor to feast and celebrate—casual, fun, authentic, delicious.

  • Flight to Cusco, transfer to Sacred Valley
  • Visit indigenous Huayllafara community
  • Traditional pachamanca lunch

Day 4

Today gets you deeper into Peru’s Incan roots. Start at Maras salt flats and the Moray terraces, hosted by a local expert from MIL Centro restaurant, owned by rockstar Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez. Then, experience the surrounding agriculture first-hand with an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind meal at MIL Centro representing an ecosystem of elevation and Peruvian authenticity.

  • Explore Maras salt flats and terraces of Moray 
  • Lunch at chef Virgilio Martínez's MIL Centro

Day 5

Ride the scenic, comfortable train all the way to Aguas Calientes. Or venture there on an awe-inspiring, 11-kilometer (6.8-mile) hike on the Inca Trail. If you opt for the hike, you’ll pass over suspension bridges, through jungle, and by amazing archaeological sites like Chachabamba and Winaywayna before reaching the last climb: up steep, narrow stone steps that lead to our first look at Machu Picchu, spilling down almost impossibly over a mountainside. Walking through the Sun Gate, Intipunku, is the absolute best way to see this marvel for the first time. Either way you go, you’ll be able to put your feet up and relax in luxury this evening.

  • Train from Ollaytaytambo to Aguas Calientes
  • Optional Inca Trail hike, up to Machu Picchu
  • Hotel spa and relaxation time

Day 6

If you opted to train, don’t feel like you missed out on Machu Picchu! After breakfast and a leisurely morning, you’ll head back to Machu Picchu to see the clouds lift, revealing the scale and sheer audacity of a ridge-top site built between towering peaks. Spend the next few hours diving deeper on an expert-led walk through terraces and ancient terrain. In the afternoon, head back to Aguas Calientes to shop or relax back at the hotel—whether that’s enjoying the spa, soaking in the pools or wandering the well-kept gardens and cozy reading rooms to relax with a drink.

  • Expert-led tour of Machu Picchu
  • Explore Aguas Calientes

Day 7

Cusco is the ancient capital of the Incan empire. Here, sleek and modern eateries fit neatly into weathered Spanish-colonial buildings, while locals in indigenous clothing sell traditional crafts and produce. It’s a lively place, where past and present lives in harmony (except for when a llama holds up traffic). After a traditional lunch, walk the streets of the San Blas neighborhood and down the famed Hatunrumiyoc, lined in stone and draped in vibrant textiles. Then it’s a walk through Incan history right in the city: Coricancha, spiritual center of the Inca Empire, and Cusco Cathedral.

  • Traditional lunch at Pachapapa
  • Guided walking exploration of Cusco sites

Where We Sleep

Our accommodations reflect the beauty and grace of Peru, setting the tone for inspired exploration from mountain to jungle to sea.


A meticulously preserved, 1920s mansion retreat on a quiet Lima street. Order up a round of pisco sours at sunset, then take in the views of the beautiful bohemian sprawl that is Lima’s Barranco neighborhood.


A home in a true Inca village: Ollantaytambo’s narrow cobbled streets are just outside your door, set in the shadow of Andean peaks of the Sacred Valley. After a day exploring nearby ruins, you can sit back in lushly landscaped gardens or enjoy reading by the fireplace with a hot tea.

Aguas Calientes

Step into a different world just a stone’s throw from Machu Picchu. This hacienda-style hotel is set in lush rainforest vegetation, with brightly colored birds hovering over pools and through the winding nature trails you can explore. After a hard day’s walk, the spa and eucalyptus-infused steam hut will restore all your powers.


It's a joy to set up at this one-time colonial-era Cusco market turned boutique B&B. Overlook the central terrace, filled with artesanías (handicrafts) and comfy lounges around pit fires.

People Love MO/AD’s Peru

I formed bonds in unexpected ways with so many different people.
Brianna S.
I would do exactly the same trip again!
Julia C.
I loved having so many opportunities to explore Peruvian culture and the landscape.
Sue S.


  1. How many people are itineraries suitable for?

    Our itineraries can be tailored for groups of any size, whether it’s a small, intimate group of six or a larger team or group of 100 or more.

  2. What makes a MO/AD Retreat different?

    Our retreats capture the spirit of a culture and destination, tailored to your objectives, harnessing the potential of shared experiences. Our retreats serve as a vibrant platform for self-discovery, where we share connection and leave with growth, fun and inspiration.

  3. How does it work?

    We start by learning about your organization and goals. Our team takes care of all the details and supports to ensure all the logistics and communications are seamlessly managed. We also work with you to incorporate in your ideas for the retreat.

  4. What services are typically included?

    Our services cover the full retreat experience. We offer white glove support to you and your group, from detailed planning and day-to-day itineraries to local insights about the destination, on-site logistics, and 24/7 dedicated assistance. Our degree of curation, personalization, care, and local connections sets us apart.

  5. How far in advance should I plan a retreat?

    Preferably nine to twelve months in advance (earlier for holiday travel). We typically stay in unique, in-demand boutique and luxury hotels where advance reservations are important to secure the best accommodations possible.

  6. What activities do you offer?

    We curate your MO/AD Retreat to ensure the experiences are authentic, immersive, and included in your trip price. Our relationships unlock unprecedented access to the pioneers behind global initiatives and cultural movements.

  7. How much will it cost?

    Retreats typically include accommodations, private airport transfers, private transportation for all day trips and excursions, privately guided tours with local guides, exclusive VIP access and activities, and most meals. MO/AD Retreats typically cost $1,000 to $3,000 per person, per day, and vary by destination, time of year, number of people in your group, and types of activities you prefer.

  8. What's not included?

    MO/AD Retreats do not include roundtrip airfare to/from your destination, travel insurance, hotel incidentals, and any activities and meals not included in your itinerary.

  9. What deposits are required?

    After learning more about you, your interests, preferred style of travel, dates, and budget, we will present you with initial ideas and examples of what we can plan for you. In order to confirm your itinerary and reserve accommodations, a 25% deposit is required. The balance of your trip cost is due  120 days prior to travel.