Chef Trips & Culinary Experiences

Culinary adventure alongside some of the world’s most inspired chefs

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Connect with chefs who are curious and passionate about what they do, inspired not just by the ingredients behind a dish, but equally by the connections we make with the people and places we experience.

Oaxaca with Gregory Gourdet

Celebrate the culture and cuisine of Oaxaca alongside star chef Gregory Gourdet. We'll meet shamans and mezcal makers, eat regional specialities at rooftop restaurants and in local street markets, and rejuvenate poolside in a hacienda retreat in the mountains. Join our epic adventure to the heart and soul of Mexico.

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Sicily & Naples with Ann Kim

Join award-winning chef Ann Kim and uncover the delicious backstory of Italy's great foods, from traditional Sicilian pastas and desserts to seafoods and, of course, Ann's personal obsession: pizza. If you want to venture into iconic Italy, but do it like a local, this is the trip for you.

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Portugal with Jamie Malone

This week-long journey through Portugal is for those who thrive on cultural immersion, design and the most delicious foods. Explore markets, vineyards and farms, and sail through the world’s most gorgeous wine country. Explore Portugal with good company, and appreciate chef-led, in-depth, hands-on gastronomic experiences you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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Piedmont with Giorgio Rapicavoli

Savor the flavors of Piedmont and celebrate the ethos of Slow Food in its birthplace, alongside chef Giorgio Rapicavoli of Miami's Eating House. He's the Piedmont-born, Miami-raised chef who's long dreamed of showing his second home to the world. If you crave good food, beautiful scenery and a fresh take on food culture, this trip is for you.

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