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If you want to venture into iconic Italy, but do it like a local, this is the trip for you. Uncover the delicious backstory of Sicily’s and Naples’ great dishes. Meet vintners, cheesemakers and pizzaiolo chefs as we delve deep into centuries of tradition.

Sicily & Naples with Michael Scelfo

July 11 – 17, 2022

Your traveling companion is acclaimed Boston chef Michael Scelfo. Michael is the heart and culinary soul behind two of Cambridge’s top kitchens, with an Italian family that’s inspired his love for food, growing up slow-stirring his grandmother’s red sauce. He’ll join us to uncover the delicious backstory of Sicily’s and Naples’ great dishes, from traditional Sicilian pastas and desserts to the freshest seafoods and, of course, pizza. We’ll meet vintners and cheesemakers, street artists and local chefs, we’ll hike to vineyards perched atop a mighty volcano with sweeping views of the Ionian sea, as we go deep in the story behind what makes southern Italy so deliciously unforgettable. Join Michael Scelfo.

Sicily & Naples with Michael Schwartz

September 5 – 11, 2022

Our traveling companion is award–winning chef and restaurateur Michael Schwartz. He takes the name of his flagship restaurant, Michael’s Genuine in Miami’s Design District, seriously: “Is that genuine? Does it feel right? Is it authentic?” It’s an ethos that’s served him well, earning him a James Beard Award and Slow Food accolade. For Michael, traveling and connecting with local farmers is a deep source of inspiration, a chance to rub elbows with locals on market days in pursuit of the most exquisite ingredients. Join Michael Schwartz.

Sicily & Naples with Zach Pollack

September 12 – 18, 2022

Our traveling companion is award-winning chef Zach Pollack, the chef/owner of some of LA’s hottest Italian restaurants. Zach’s many successes start with having eaten his way through each of Italy’s 20 regions. And, of course, the two years he lived in Italy, mastering his culinary craft under the guidance of some of Italy’s top chefs. Now Zach is coming back to show us his Sicily, the rugged beauty and regional flavors, the Sicily that captured his heart and soul. Join Zach.