Meet Meagan Morrison

Join the creative force behind Travel Write Draw in Morocco

Why We Love Meagan Morrison

Meagan’s a radiantly creative mind. Her artwork makes us want to travel the world with a paintbrush in hand. She’s an inspiration to find what you love, then put pen to paper and make it happen.

Meagan is the fashion illustrator and creative mind behind Travel Write Draw. No surprise, travel is Meagan’s lifeblood, the inspiration for her illustrations and her greatest motivator. She delights in the small moments—like the tranquility of a quiet morning, the gentle hum of a sleepy street or the vibrant energy of a market in full swing. She drinks it all in, then puts it on paper for others to enjoy.

With a background in both business and fashion, the New York-based illustrator has crafted a career centered on her three loves: art, travel and a fashion. She tours the world with a sketchbook in hand, capturing scenes from the souks of Marrakech to the back alleys of Tokyo.

Meagan has collaborated with industry-leading  clients including Dior, DVF, Calvin Klein, Montblanc, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Adidas and too many more to name. She’s garnered glowing press from the New York Times to InStyle to Bravo because her vibrant illustration style is infectious.

“You have to be the driver of your own life. Do not be a passenger.”

Meagan Morrison

The Toronto-born artist says she’s always felt called to create. Just before her 25th birthday Meagan decided to start a blog, drawing from her travels: Travel Write Draw was born. Today, her thriving creative studio moniker is committed to the celebration of the unique, bold, and colorful worlds of travel, fashion and art.

It doesn’t matter if you believe you’re a creative or not. Meagan will help uncover that spark and tap into your inner artist. “The only limitations we have in life are the ones we accept for ourselves.”

Meagan’s wanderlust has taken her to more than 50 countries, translating her travels into art that draws you in, colorful, gestural, meaningful. Her career, journey and optimism are as infectious as her artwork.

6 Questions with Meagan Morrison

  1. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

    I don’t know if I think about creativity, I just feel it. Some days I feel it more than others but it always comes back. I would say 90% of my creative projects, whether personal or commissioned, start with a destination. From there I have the lens to create from. I’ll start scouring the internet for imagery from that specific place to better understand the climate, traditions, color palettes… and I start to think about concepts to pair together to make something totally unique. I usually start sketching at this point and narrowing in on final concepts that I’ll render into a finished image.

  2. Dance, photography, music, color, design—is there anything you don’t draw inspiration from?

    Haha that’s a good question! I suppose if there is one thing I don’t draw from that would be negativity. My life motto is to always look for the positive in every situation, so even if I’m illustrating something that is inspired by conflict or heavier subject matter, it’s done in a way to inspire optimism and light.

  3. Travel, write, draw—does it usually flow in this order for you?

    Honestly, yes! When I originally came up with the name 10 years ago, I felt it sounded best in that order. Yet it really does reflect the process of osmosis I go through to create my art. After being on the ground exploring a new destination, writing and reflecting on the experience, and distilling over time what really impacted me, I’m able to create my art from there.

  4. How would you describe the 'Meagan Morrison' aesthetic?

    Vibrant, whimsical, expressive, eclectic styling of both contemporary and vintage design elements, created at the intersection of fashion and travel.

  5. What do you remember most about your time in Morocco?

    I remember the sheer rush of every sense being ignited at once; sight, smell, sound, and touch. Walking through the Medina for the very first time got my heart racing. I also remember marveling at the sheer level of details in Moroccan design. Their intricate plaster work, tiles, handwoven rugs, and lanterns.

  6. Read any good books lately?

    Yes, most definitely! I got through quite a few at the height of lockdown. The two that really stand out to me most are “It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War” by Lynsey Addario and “The Rules Do Not Apply” by Ariel Levy. Both are autobiographical written by incredibly strong females who have led such purpose and passion driven lives, traveling the world for their careers, and blazing their own trails.