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The Reason

Adelsheim Vineyard produces world-class wines with an optimistic spirit and steadfast stewardship of the land. As a founding winery of the Willamette Valley and Chehalem Mountains’ first winery, Adelsheim has played an instrumental role in nearly every aspect of the Oregon wine story. Travel with us, and be a part of ours.

People + Places

Coastal Vibes

At the Surfsand, you’re steps away from a sprawling sandy coastline and the local shops of Cannon Beach. If the beach somehow isn’t relaxing enough, the on-site massages and sauna will be.

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Experience the glory and grace of Oregon's Pacific Coast, with beachside barbecues and wine tastings.

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Savor in Style

One of our New Zealand home bases, the Martinborough hotel is an 1800s cottage-style mansion nestled in the heart of one of the country's premier wine regions.

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Argentina's Wine Country

A leg of lamb slow-roasts for hours in the Andean open air, and a freshly butchered steak sizzles. You tuck an alpaca blanket over your lap in the crisp night and raise a glass of Malbec to your lips.

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Dinner with a Wine Pioneer

Join us in Oregon. We'll explore some of the Willamette Valley’s finest vineyards, including a VIP tour at Adelsheim Vineyard, followed by dinner with David Adelsheim at his private home at Quarter Mile Lane.

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Soaring Heights

Take a private helicopter tour through the Nevis Valley, New Zealand's isolated expanse of staggering beauty.

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Gaucho Life

Argentina is an adventurer’s dream and wine lover’s paradise.

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Chehalem Dreams

The Chehalem Mountains is a nested American Viticulture Area (AVA) within Oregon’s North Willamette Valley—prized more for its exceptional differences rather than its uniform sameness.

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Local Culture

Learn about Maori culture—their rich history, literature, folklore and art—through the eyes of a local.

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The Partner

Our travel partner, Modern Adventure, believes a curious and open world is a happier and healthier one. They encourage this by crafting journeys that invest in experiences, not just getting stuff. This kind of travel is powerful, memorable, joyful and delivers travel’s greatest lesson - that the world is united by much much more than divides it.